Blind Man’s Wolf by Amelia Faulkner


Blind Man’s Wolf (Tooth & Claw #1)

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Ellis O’Neill is an art dealer with too many problems: his eyesight has deteriorated to the point of night-blindness; he’s estranged from his family, to whom he owes a considerable sum of money; and his guide dog went right off him the night Ellis died. Without his dog, Ellis is trapped in a life bouncing between home and work, dependent on his personal assistant.

Werewolf Randall Carter has problems of his own. He loves his pack, he really does, but as their Omega he’s always the one to bear the brunt of their rage. It’s a role he can’t avoid, and Randall isn’t sure he can take it for much longer, so he buries himself in his day job. Randall’s the best dog trainer in the city, and when he’s offered a client who needs him to work evenings he’d be a fool to turn it down.

Soon Randall is falling for someone he should despise. Everything about the undead is anathema to his kind, but Ellis is exactly the kind of guy Randall would want to ask out on a date – if he were still breathing. Worse, they may not have too long to figure their feelings out. Someone or something is gunning for Ellis and anyone else who gets in the way; they won’t rest until the vampire is destroyed.


My Review: 4/5 Stars

Okay, so I’m not going to lie the first few paragraph’s had me a little confused. But once I figured out that Tiberius was the dog I was good to go. The book has everything you would want. Two hot men, a werewolf, and a vampire. Though Ellis was blind he didn’t let that stop him from doing the thing he loved the most. I loved how the characters interacted with each other, how they didn’t let the things that were thrown their way stop them from being with each other. I didn’t really like Randall’s wolf pack though, I felt they didn’t treat him the way that he deserved even if he was an Omega. I loved Jay and Han just as much as I loved Ellis and Randall. I sure hope that Amelia writes a book of their beginning, if she hasn’t already. I would like to know what happened with Randall and his pack because he didn’t follow through with the order his Alpha gave him, but other than that it was a good book.

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 Author’s Bio:

Amelia Faulkner was born in the rolling green countryside of Oxfordshire, and moved to London once she was mostly grown up. She has a degree in Computer Science, and spent quite a long time working with computers until her childhood love of writing could no longer be ignored.

Since then she has written for corporate clients and personal pleasure, and finally stepped away from office-bound working in 2011 to freelance from home.

Amelia is also a keen photographer and film-goer, and resides in the city (not the City) with her husband. She is notoriously camera-shy.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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