Alpha Rogue (Volume Two) by Terry Bolryder


Alpha Rogue (Volume Two)

Genre: M/F, Paranormal, Romance


Important! Alpha Rogue 2 is the second in the series, please read part 1 here for free or you’ll be completely lost! All parts will be in KU.…

Alpha females are super rare in Hawthorne’s world. So what’s an alpha wolf to do when he gets his heart broken and loses his chance to claim a mate, all in one day? For Hawes, with his super strength and love of adrenaline, the answer is to go rogue and join an underground fighting ring where he can beat the bad memories back, one day at a time.

Rose isn’t worried when she gets assigned to keep an eye on Hawes as part of her undercover mission. At least, she isn’t worried until she sees the pretty boy alpha for the first time in all of his muscled, sweaty glory in the ring and hears him run his mouth off after the match. Now, Rose isn’t sure she can work with the cocky, irritating Shifter at all.

But she might want to try, because her mission in the underground fighting circuit just got more dangerous, and Hawes with his unusual strength may just be the only one who can protect her.

Important Note from the author!
Alpha Rogue is a 3 part paranormal romance serial with a lot of action. The story is told in novella length episodes with cliffhangers, and is free through Kindle Unlimited. If you aren’t getting it that way, I’ve priced each part low enough that by the time you have purchased all parts, you’ll only have paid the price of one book (99 cents for each part). I know that this format isn’t for everyone, but I love serials and find they keep things exciting for me as a writer. I hope you enjoy if you decide to still read it.


My Review: 4/5 Stars

 And the story continues right where it left off in the first book.

Hawes and Rose are in a secure location so they can find out who wants to kill Rose. Rose’s partner Josh comes to visit them and he doesn’t like what he sees going on between them.

It turns out that the killers don’t just want Rose, they want Hawes as well. Hawes gets a call saying they want him or they will get Rose. Hawes Rose and Josh come up with a plan to catch the killers and someone that the Tribunal have been looking for, for years.

I was a bit confused when they shifted into their wolf forms and continued to speak to each other. It was never clarified if they could mind link or if they were just talking to each other.

The chemistry between Hawes and Rose is smoking hot. The story is funny, sexy, and hot. I can’t wait to read the last book.

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Author’s Bio:

Terry Bolryder loves reading shameless paranormal romance and writing shameless paranormal romance. And that’s about it!

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