Between the Two of Us by Alice Bright


Between the Two of Us (Just Between Us #1)

Genre: M/F, Romance, Erotic


Rebecca just broke up with her boyfriend.
Calvin just got divorced.
A business trip is just the reprieve they’re both looking for. After all, what better way to get their minds off the painful reality of their lives?
When the coworkers find themselves together in the hotel bar one night, sparks begin to fly.
While getting into a relationship with someone from work isn’t something Rebecca thinks is a good idea, she can’t help herself from wanting just one night with him.
Will Rebecca make the first move?
Or will she return home from her trip as heartbroken as when she left?


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Rebecca’s ex broke up with her two weeks ago and she is having a hard time getting over him. She goes on a business trip to Denver, hoping work will ease her mind. While sitting in conferences she fantasies about her boss Brian.

While having a drink, Calvin saves Rebecca from unwanted attention. They go to her room and she tells him about her fantasies.

Will Calvin step up to the plate and make Rebecca’s role playing fantasies come true or will he balk at the idea of the person he’s sleeping with thinking of someone else?

I really enjoyed this short story and hope that there will be more of Rebecca and Calvin.

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Author’s Bio:

Ready to fall in love all over again?

Alice Bright is an American erotica novelist. While she was raised in a small town, she later moved to the city and was able to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Bright primarily writes romantic and erotic short stories, but she’s also a huge zombie fan and loves to read romantic post-apocalyptic stories.

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Readers may contact Bright at:



*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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