The Alpha’s Bet by Annora Soule


The Alpha’s Bet: A BBW Alpha Billionaire Werewolf Romance

Genre: M/F, Paranormal, Romance


Jason Irvine is an Alpha werewolf and a high roller at Diamond’s Oasis Casino in Las Vegas. BBW Carly Davis is the casino’s best card dealer.

Because Jason is classified as a “whale” and a regular guest, usually the casino lets him win some after he loses some, in order to keep him happy. Then one night Jason starts winning big – TOO big – enough to bankrupt the house. So the casino assigns Carly to his table knowing that she’s the only dealer who can stop a gambler on a dangerous winning streak.

When Jason realizes that Carly is the same Beta she-wolf that dared to turn him down during a nighttime run in nearby Red Rock Canyon, he starts losing his cool. Now he’s changed his strategy and decides to try to seduce her from right across the poker table. Meanwhile, as much as Carly starts to find him irresistible, she tries to keep her mind steady on her belief that no man as rich and powerful as Jason Irvine could ever really want a woman like her.

Before he knows it, Jason is falling in love fast and decides he is willing to give up millions just teach Carly that a woman should never turn down an Alpha. As an Alpha wolf it is his right and privilege to claim any woman he wants. So Jason tells the casino that instead of taking his $10 million in winnings, he’d rather take Carly as his prize instead.

Soon Jason is trying everything in his power to sweep Carly off her feet – even promising to make her independently wealthy as his concubine – but the she-wolf has her own agenda. Carly’s not sure that she really can trust ANY man, and she plans teach to teach the Alpha that the house always wins.


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Jason Irvine is the Big Kahuna, The Head Honcho. You get the point and nobody ever says no to an Alpha. Especially the Alpha of the Palm Springs Pack, until Carly said no to a claiming. Jason thought he was off his game when the Beta she wolf denied him. His night at the casino saw him winning 12 million dollars. The casino could not let that happen. So they send in their best dealer. Shockingly she is the one who denied Jason’s claim.

Jason ups the stacks and request Carly to join him in strip poker. Carly was torn, she knew if she didn’t play the game Jason would bankrupt the casino for the night and she didn’t believe that an Alpha like Jason could want a woman like her. She tried to stall as long as possible, but in the end Jason got what he wanted and he very much wanted Carly.

With Carly’s wit and being able to keep Jason on his toes, that is a combination for successes. Jason doesn’t know it yet, but he doesn’t want a woman he can walk all over. Carly is the woman for him.

There were a few typos, but nothing to dramatic. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more from Annora.

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Author’s Bio:

Author Annora Soule has traveled the world and has seen a lot of strange things. She resides in New England and, for the most part, tries to stay out of trouble.
Her books include:


She enjoys hearing from readers, so contact her at
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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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