Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh



Genre: M/F, Sci-fi, Suspense


How far will humanity go to save itself?

When a virus threatens humanity with extinction, the desperate and dwindling number of uninfected seek refuge in a parallel universe. The technology is untested. The other universe is unprepared and one thing is made violently clear: they are not wanted.

As a weaponized, fatal virus mutates and threatens to kill all life forms on Earth, Special Agent Williams and the government conspires to send the healthy away. After space travel and going underground are ruled impossible, all that remains is the theoretical technology of an autistic savant: escaping to a parallel universe. But their arrival is met with suspicion and hatred. To evade persecution, experimentation, and to save their lives, the Otherworlders must find a way to escape, survive, and outwit Agent Williams murderous double.


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

I was a little skeptical in reading this book at first. I’m not that big into sci-fi when there isn’t a love romance involved, but when I say I was hooked after the first chapter, that’s what I was. Otherworlders doesn’t revolve around one person, but a set of certain people. There is a mass virus that is wiping out the world and the only hope they have is from a inventor named Levi Turner. He is the answer to the worlds prayers. He builds a machine that lets the high resistant people move dimensions.

You have a FBI agent who wants to save the world, a couple who only wants to be safe, a con woman who only knows how to survive, a ten year old boy who believes nobody wants him and a widower who can’t believe she lost her husband so suddenly. Levi is able to build the machine and move the human’s with a high resistance to the virus through dimensions, but when they get to the place that is much like earth and not, problems arise. From hateful doubles and a society that doesn’t want them there. Have the demission jumpers left one bad situation to only enter into a worse one.

Angela wove a tale of sci-fi genius in my book. I couldn’t put the book down until I was finished with it. I wanted to know what happened next. There is unconditional love, where the husband and wife would follow each other anywhere just for a better start. There is also betrayal. Oh I wanted to smack that person with a passion. Ms. Cavanaugh described what a person would do just so that they could feel safe, even sell out their own best friend to a psycho FBI agent. One character tries to find herself after she is put through some trying times. And there is death. Some of the people that died, I wanted to bring them back to life, just so they could keep breathing.

I would definitely recommend this book. I honestly hope she might add some more books and make it a series.

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***Two time recipient of an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest.***

Angela is a writer living in Los Angeles. Nomadic by nature, she is from St. Louis, MO originally, spent a few years in Austin, TX, and has no idea where she’ll end up, geographically speaking.

She began writing in high school, between and during classes. Her first couple hobby level novels have been banished to never see the light of day. But as she matured, so did her writing skills.

She realized that writing could be more than a hobby. She fell in love with flash fiction and began posting the short stories to her blog weekly. Now, Angela spends most of time working on writing, often polishing completed short stories and novels and creating new ones.

She has self-published 22 Short Scifi Stories: a flash fiction collection on Amazon. It reached #6 on the *best seller list. It is also available in audio.

In 2015, she will have two stories published in The Future Chronicles series. Also being released in 2015 is her debut novel, Otherworlders.

Angela is currently working on a number of other projects, and has a lot planned.

2015 is going to be an exciting year 🙂

*In it’s category

***Third and fourth quarter honorable mention 2014

Goodreads • Blog


*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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