The Immortal Prince of Egypt by J.S Lewis

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The Immortal Prince of Egypt

Genre: M/F, M/M, Historical, Romance, Erotic


thrilling, spellbinding, adventurous and gripping tale of star-cross love set in the early eighteenth century. . . His family slaughtered. Captured with his people and forced into slavery in the new world, Amun, the fearless son of the most powerful tribal chief in Egypt, Africa, is destined to lead his people out of slavery, and into freedom.Amun’s spirit is mystically tried and proven, yet constantly tested, for to survive and save those he love; he must surmount his difficulties and become more than just a man, he must become Immortal. But the greatest battle Amun must face is not with his enemies, but with himself; young and confused about his sexuality, in a dark age when homosexuality is punishable by death, and for slaves . . . the fate far worst. Survival is a battle fought to the bitter end.


My Review: 3/5 Stars

 I’m going to start off by saying that if you are one of those people who read gay romances and don’t want the girly bits in the story, this isn’t for you, because there are girly bits and male/female sex scenes. There is also a lot going on in this book, but it all ties together.

Annie Mae Patterson is meant to marry John Palmer so that she can save her family. But she isn’t in love with him and wants to be with her true love Edward. She is guilted into going through with her married to John by her mother. She will sacrifice her happiness for her family. Until she starts to dabble in dark magic. Before she is set off to marry intended, she has one more night with Edward and when her father finds out about it, things go from bad to worse. With a deal with the devil and a vow of vengeance Annie’s course is set after the death of Edward, brought on by the people she calls family.

Amun, son of Gahiji has come of age in his tribe to be tested as the next leader. He must bring back the head of the King of the jungle and the head of the King cobra. He only has ninety days to fulfill the task at hand. Tarik, son of Baniti is Amun’s best friend and is secretly in love with him and doesn’t want Amun to leave him. Upon Amun’s return he is supposed to marry Dalila and Tarik knows this. Out in the wilderness Amun needs to become one with himself and the earth so that he may receive his powers and the title of The Immortal Prince of Egypt. He doesn’t make it back to the tribe in time, the Elders believe him dead. Believing that Amun is dead, Tarik and Dalila finds comfort in each other. Moving on, they are shocked when Amun comes back. Amun is hurt, angered and feeling betrayed. Then he is banished from the tribe. The banishment sets him on the path his life is supposed to take.

William Beckford and William Courtney are secret lovers and if they are found out they will be killed. When the letters that they have been writing to each other is found William Courtney is sentences to death by his own Uncle, until he escapes to the arms of William Beckford. I honestly don’t know what their involvement in the story is though William Beckford’s home is mention at the end of the story.

Tarik goes to see Amun one night and they reveal their feelings to each other. While away the tribe is raided and people are left for dead or taken to be sold into slavery. Amun and Tarik’s only course of action is to be captured so that they free their people from the inside and to stop slavery everywhere.

From what I got from this Amun is going to be facing off with Annie because they will end up being in the same place. Annie is the evil and Amun is the savior.

I liked the story, but as I said earlier it was a lot going on in it. Jumping from one POV to the next. I do want to know what happens next though. So I will be waiting for the next book.

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J. S. Lewis is the Author of The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga and more than 13 books. His recent work includes, the highly anticipated series, Affairs of the Heart, released November 17, 2013, and rocketed to #9 on the bestsellers list in the Gay & Lesbian category on in just six days of its release, Teen Alchemist: The Bringers of the Dawn and I Knew She was Trouble are slated for release in 2014.

His breathtaking novel Jamaican American Thug Drama spawned four sequels; The Boy Kraigie Brought Home, The Return of the American Thug, That Very Crazy Thing We Call Love and Love, Sex & Blood, sending him riding bestsellers list in the Gay & Lesbian categories. His genres includes; Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Romance, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi fiction and Self-Help Motivation.

“I have come to the realization lately that though I enjoy touching people’s hearts when I write about love, I literally have no idea what am doing in real life when it comes onto it,” says Lewis, “I am fascinated by love so I mostly write about it. I can’t sing or dance or have any other special talents but I can write; I write about my adventures, misadventures, fantasies and semi-toxic relationships that are crazy, insane, intense, passionate, heartbreaking, gut wrenching and mind- blowing and memorable. I just write from the core of my beautiful soul. I enjoy contributing my skills and God given talent towards the positive growth and empowerment of the LGBT Community worldwide.”

Lewis’s novel Jamaican American Thug Drama is being considered for film adaptation



*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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