The Secret by Ashley John

81aJupng3mL__SL1500_The Secret (George & Harvey #1)

Genre:  M/M, Contemporary Romance


When 32 year old married author George Lewis sees 19 year old Harvey Jasper reading one of his books in the local bookstore, he can’t help but be drawn to him. After giving Harvey his cellphone number, he soon receives a call from Harvey asking if he can intern under George. Reluctantly, George says yes, and agrees to let Harvey into his home for a whole month.

As they spend more and more time together, Harvey shares his heart-breaking story with George and his eyes are opened up to a whole new world with whole new emotions. George soon discovers something he never thought he’d find in another man…love.

The Secret is the first in the George & Harvey series


My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

Harvey is a down on his luck young adult, is parents died in a fire when he was younger and he has a piece of ish older brother. Then he meets George Lewis, his favorite author and things look to be turning around for him.

George Lewis has written plenty of best seller novels. He is happy to know that Harvey is a fan. He wants to help Harvey with any questions he may have for writing his own book. Letting Harvey become his intern, the two men grow close. Though George’s wife doesn’t think that George should help out Harvey. He is adamant about helping Harvey, though when it counts the most George drops the ball.

Ok so I’m not really into cheating spouses, The Secret makes you want to know if George will leave his wife for Harvey or if he is just stringing him along. There were a few editorial problems, but it didn’t stop my flow of reading. The one thing I can say that I didn’t like besides the cheating was that George kept calling Harvey kid. Every time he called him that I cringed. Oh and I wanted to take Leo out in the worse way.

Other than that it was an easy and light read.

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Ashley John lives in the North of England with his fiancé Reece, and his cat Jeremy. Ashley is a lover of love and a lover of life, and that’s why he writes Romance novels. He’s a sucker for gripping love story. His characters are fighters, strong and complex, and they’ll do anything to get the happy endings they deserve (and there are usually a lot of tears and heartache along the way!). Ashley is best known for his best selling George & Harvey series and The Surf Bay Series. When Ashley isn’t writing, he uses his creativity to paint and draw, and when he’s not being creative, he’s usually taking a nap.

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