Blog Tour: In the Shadow of the Heron by C.A. O’Driscoll

In The Shadow of The Heron
Genre: M/F, Historical Romance
What would you do if everything in your life felt wrong, that you had no control over your own fate, like you had married the wrong man? What if, when tragedy strikes, you find out you did.
Mary Alice married Alex Williams of her own free will. Or did she? Trapped, like the white heron she was given as a wedding gift, she finds herself living a lie, while the truth watches silently from the shadows.
She has no idea that a mysterious event has caused her to forget the one man she’d promised to love and cherish forever.
Devoted to her, that man isn’t ready to let her go.
They all live in the Shadow of the Heron.




My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

Mary Alice is an 18 year old girl who has found the love of her life. Frank proposes to her and she says yes. They spend three wonderful days together then everything goes haywire. (Yes, you read correctly when I said three days.) They are traveling and see a beautiful heron and the next thing you know boom she’s married to someone else.

But where did Frank go. He is there through it all. The ups, the downs, Mary giving birth to another man, but through it all he never stops loving her and hoping that she remembers.

Ok so I was a touch confused by the fact that one minute she is married to Frank, then she’s married to Alex. Let me tell you I went back through the pages to see what I had just missed. C.A. was smooth with it, she put the explanation all the way at the end of the book and I do mean at the end. There were no hints leading up to why it happened it just happened and I just had to read all the way to the end so I could know how such a thing could happen.

I felt sorry for both of the MC’s, but mainly Frank.  All in all it was a good read.



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Part of the proceeds from the sale of In The Shadow of The Heron until March 20, 2015 will benefit the Amber Coplin Memorial Donation Drive:
Amber Coplin Memorial Donation Drive
Amber Lynn Coplin was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in Port Orchard, Washington in November. Photos were then callously posted on the internet. She was a devoted mother of FIVE young boys who will now spend this Christmas season without their mother. With permission from the boys’ father, Paul, I am donating a percentage of my book sales through March 20, 2015 to a fund to help ensure that they have all of their physical needs met.
Individual donations can be made through GoFundMe at This is the ONLY fund that I am aware of that directly benefits the five boys. Please join me in supporting the surviving victims of this horrible tragedy.
Author Bio:
Carrie-Anne O’Driscoll is a peace officer in the state of Texas as well as a volunteer crisis advocate, domestic violence/sexual assault survivor and a nationally recognized public speaker on both subjects.
Previously, she has published two nonfiction books. The Worm Fiasco- A True Portrayal of Domestic Violence is the true story of how she survived attempted murder when she was six weeks pregnant with her oldest son. Last Kiss- The Life and Death of Ka’Tara Gallagher is the true story of the murder of her 20 month old niece in 1999 due to child abuse.
She currently resides in Texas with her husband of ten years, Jim, and her two Tasmanian “tween” sons, Chandler and Liam.
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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

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