Blog Tour: Make Me Forget by Brandy Lynn

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Make Me Forget

Genre: M/F, New Adult, Romance


*Inspired by true events*

Where do you turn when the ones who are supposed to love you most, hurt you?

When is enough, enough?

That is the exact question Chloe Evans had when she escaped her own personal hell that terrifying night. Even though the road to rebuilding her life has been tough, she’s spent the last two years trying to mend her battered soul. Doubting that all her efforts are even worth it, she begins to feel she will forever be tied to the man who took everything away from her.

Ryder Matthews is the epitome of what most girls associate with perfection. With his good looks, bad boy persona, multiple tattoos and piercings he is every girl’s fantasy; every girl except Chloe Evans that is. Ryder sees Chloe as a challenge…one that he’s more than confident he will win.

Drew Nichols is every girls dream guy. He’s sweet, sincere, trusting, and most of all patient. He’s exactly what Chloe needs in her life, but is he who she wants?

We all have things in life we’d like to forget about. Some bigger than others. When Chloe uses college as her diversion to escape the memories will either of them be able to make her forget?


Make Me Forget Character Casting


Chloe and Drew (Drew’s POV)

“I told you!” I sing, putting down the utensils and glancing around the room. It has gotten busier in here since we sat down. My eyes fall on the pool table behind the glass doors that lead into the adjacent bar, where a couple is just leaving. “Ever play?”

She glances around to where I’m staring and shakes her head. “No, can’t say that I have.”

“We could use a little bit of fun to break up the seriousness.” I eagerly get up and grab her hand. Pulling her to her feet, we walk toward the table.

“I am going to look ridiculous,” she argues.

I laugh. “Does it matter? Just focus on us and I promise…I won’t laugh.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that,” she replies sarcastically, as I hand her a pool stick. She watches me chalk it up and then follows suit.

I start to rack the balls, and she is intently watching me. “The key to this game is to keep your eyes on the subject.”

She raises her eyebrows, and I laugh. “Don’t worry, you’ll catch on.”

“You go first,” she replies, eyeing the table.

I grab the cue ball and place it on the table then slowly I move the stick and connect with the ball. It hits the balls and they all scatter, but none of them land in a pocket. I groan. “The object is to get the ball in the holes.”

She laughs. “Really? What a concept.”

“Now, it’s your turn.”

She stands behind the cue ball, looking awkward but sexy as hell. As she slides the stick between her fingers, she seems to wait for the perfect time. Once she lets go, she misses the cue ball altogether. I try to contain my laughter as I walk behind her. I wrap my arms around her, cradling her, showing her how to shoot. She glances up and our eyes meet. If I knew that she wouldn’t slap me, I would kiss her. Instead, I look back down to the balls and slowly move her arm with the pool stick.

“Nice and easy,” I whisper. Her eyes turn back to the ball, and I can hear her raspy breathing. I wonder if it is because of our close proximity with one another. I feel my dick harden from the close proximity of having her bent over the table, as images run through my mind of taking her on the table slow and steady. The stick hits the cue ball and it connects with one of the stripes, landing it in the corner pocket. I pull back slightly readjusting myself before she notices that I’m sporting a semi from our brief contact.“Great job!” I yell excitedly, sadly pulling away from her body.

She turns around and winks, causing me to take notice of the way that she is suddenly flirting with me. “I had a good teacher.” She walks back around the table and shoots another ball into a pocket.

I stare at her, as she connects the cue ball with another and then another.

“Really?” I quip, placing my hands on the table staring at her. “Did you just hustle me?”

She shrugs. “At least we didn’t play for money.” Then she runs the rest of the stripes into the pockets and finally pockets the eight ball. She puts her pool stick back in the rack and crosses her arms. “That was fun. Have any other ideas?”

I shake my head. This girl hustled me, and I will never live it down. I am thankful that the guys aren’t here to witness this shit, but I know that she will find a way to tell everyone. For some reason, I don’t even care. I’m just amazed at how the evening took a turn for the better.

My Review: 4/5 Stars

When Chloe was younger, she was abused. She has tried to put her life back together the best way she knew how. Now she’s 18 and off to college. Off to see the world, where she meets Drew and Ryder.

Now I’m not going to lie and I think it’s mainly because of the books I do read, I thought this would be a ménage, had to look at the reviews to see that my dreams were dashed.

Both Drew and Ryder want Chloe, but the rub is their best friends. She starts to date Drew, but things get a little complicated when after being just friends, Chloe starts to like Ryder as more than a friend.

Now the big questions is who will she choose? I know, do you?

I really enjoyed Make Me Forget. It’s tells the story of a girl who was hurt badly, but didn’t let it stop her from finding love and she has two hunks to chose from. I would be in heaven. Like I said great read and it felt believable, now what surprised me was closer to the ending. I hate when the women is being a female dog for no reason.

Mainly, if you keep a huge secret from him and then you break up with him, you do not, I repeat do not have the right to make him feel bad because he moved on. That really pissed me off.

Other than that, excellent read!

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Author Bio:

Author Photo

Brandy Lynn resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, teenage son, and furry friend. She’s a retired blogger, chocoholic, aspiring writer, wine lover, avid reader, procrastinator, animal lover, and a craft fanatic. Her debut novel, Make Me Forget is scheduled to release on February 23, 2015.


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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


Blog Tour: Sunset Vibrations by MJ Harty



Sunset Vibrations (Aloha Love #1)

Genre: M/F, MC Romance


Burying emotions keeps her heart safe.

Cali Charmical is powerful, but sometimes power comes with a price. She is used to being in control except for the past that haunts her, trapping her in her own mind. Trying to escape her demons, she escapes to Hawaii with her only friend. Little does she expect the sexy, dominant man that awaits her.

Secrets can hide in tough exteriors…

The son of a powerful Motorcycle Club president, Zev Severe falls for a beautiful, feisty woman. Suffering from a history of his own, Zev deals with his torture in unconventional ways. Every day is a struggle to keep his past locked away. With two alphas conflicting and neither willing to back down, will it destroy them or will they go on a ride of a lifetime?



SV trailer Pinned_TourTeaser4

My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

Cali lost her boyfriend and unborn child in a car accident. He father and mother disowned her. She has no one. Ten years later she has survived and works at a bar where the local MC Bad Boys frequent. On the 110 anniversary of Harley Davidson, a out of town MC comes to the party, where all hell breaks loose.

Zev has been betrayed once. He doesn’t want to go to the anniversary, but he can’t refuse his father anything. A rival MC club comes and they are looking for someone, but before they can find who the are looking for, Cali drops the prez ol’ lady out cold.

Zev gets Cali out of there before they realize it’s her. Now they are both wanted. They go away and Zev wants Cali in the worse way, but his plans are interrupted when, he has to let her go.

I went into this story pumped up ready to read it. I enjoyed it, and it has great potential, but it left me with a lot of questions, that really didn’t get answered and there were parts that were repetitive. I also did not like Cali. Zev was cool, I liked him, (especially when he got all possessive, he can possess me any day) but her OMG she was just to much for me. It was mainly her attitude.

I hope the next story in this series is Noah’s story.


Bedroom teaser_TourTeaser1

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MJ Cover Final


Author Bio:

MJ Harty Photo

MJ Harty is a mother of four amazing children, and wife to a wonderful husband. She has had a love for writing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She is also an avid reader reading anything that catches her eye. She started figure skating at the age of thirty and has skated in eight ice shows, it’s her second love. While she’s managing her load of kids and loving her adoring artist husband all these alpha tattooed biker dudes race through her mind making her run for her computer! She loves her characters as they are real people, loving to write as if it were the only air to breathe!



*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Blog Tour: A Restored Man by Jaime Reese


A Restored Man_Book 3_Cover

A Restored Man (Men of Halfway House #3)

Genre: M/M, Contemporary Romance


Cole Renzo thinks his greatest challenge is to behave for the remainder of his term at Halfway House. Until he meets his new boss, Ty Calloway, a man who ticks off every box on Cole’s list of interests.

A sought-after restorer and customizer of exotic and collectible cars, Ty had enough confidence to command what he wanted in life, until one fateful night changed everything. Almost two years later, he’s slowly rebuilding his life with great control. He’s defied the odds and works tirelessly to be the man he once was—but he still feels broken.

Cole’s candor and unfiltered personality awaken Ty’s barely-remembered desire to greet each new day with a smile, while Ty’s unwavering acceptance of Cole’s quirks and brash humor makes Cole feel as if he fits in for the first time in far too long. When a nemesis threatens Ty’s personal restoration and the things he holds dear, Cole is determined to protect their relationship, even if that means sacrificing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

But Ty will have to let his guard down, surrender control, and admit he needs Cole first, even if that puts himself at risk of breaking beyond repair.




“I thought those were the service bays,” Cole said, thumbing over his shoulder.

“They’re for the traditional shop work my techs do on a daily basis. These are my service calls. Side project I’m doing and there’s no money in it for the guys so I don’t really want to burden them. I figured we could work on them and, in between, we could tinker with the Yenko if you want or wrap up the last few details on the Drayton rig. I worked on most of it over the weekend but there are still a few things to finish up.”

Cole stopped walking. “You’d let me work on the Yenko with you?”

Ty nodded. “Sure, why not. I’ve seen how picky you are with your work.”

“So it’s my reward for helping you with your service calls?”

Ty chuckled. “Do you do tricks too?”

Cole raised an eyebrow and half smiled. “Oh, I’ve got a lot of tricks I can show you.” He smiled at the rush of color to Ty’s cheeks, loving the way Ty always reacted to his teasing.

“You do realize you’re an HR nightmare,” Ty said, looking at Cole with that glimmer in his eye.

Cole’s pulse raced. “HR?”

“Human Resources. Sexual harassment, all that,” Ty said, trying to look serious and indifferent, but failing miserably.

Cole belly-laughed so loud it echoed in the shop. He then stilled, straightened his shoulders, and mocked a serious tone. “I could, of course, be completely professional and proper with you, Mr. Calloway, if that is your preference,” he said, mimicking Matt’s formal tone.

Ty turned to face him, the mock seriousness transitioning into something more genuine. “And I, of course,” he said, reciprocating Cole’s tone, “would be deeply disappointed.”

He looked up into those brown eyes and smiled. “My army of superheroes and I would be as well.” He bit back a smile and bowed.

Ty’s low rumble-laugh shot straight to Cole’s dick.

Cole straightened. “Admit it, you like me.”

Ty raised his hand and put his thumb and index fingertips together with only a sliver of a gap between them. “Maybe a little bit.”

Cole looked at Ty’s fingers then glanced back at him with a huge grin on his face. “It’s a start,” he said before walking off to the two cars parked in the bay.

A Restored Man_Jacket

Author Interview:

Nessa: Why did you become a writer?
Jaime: I love the creative process of writing and I love telling a story. I can easily say Julian Capeletti forced me to take that extra step. He had a story and wanted me to write it. He’s the driving force behind my first book, A Better Man, and the series.

N: If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow would you be ready?
J: Is anyone ever really ready for the zombie apocalypse?

N: What is your favorite genre to read?
J: M/M Romance, as long as it has a happily ever after. I also read some M/F but I tend to focus on specific authors.

N: Where do you see yourself three years from now?
J: I’d love to continue both writing and designing cover art.

N: What is the one thing your readers don’t know about you, but you wished to share?
J: Some readers may not know I’m also a cover artist. I write under a pen name, but do carry over the “Reese” in my name into both creative areas.

 My Review: 5/5 Stars

I think I was a little to excited when this book was set to come out. I mean but can you really blame me. These are the men of Halfway House.

Cole is out on parole because he went to jail for boosting cars to contribute to the family after his brother died in the military. Now he is trying to get his life on track and get the sexy car that was left to him. All he has to do is stay out of trouble.

Ty blames himself for his parents death. He has withdrawn into himself. That is until Cole comes to work for him. I mean who wouldn’t want to laugh around Cole. Ty slowly comes out of his shell and everyone that cares about him is happy for him.

But then Ty and Cole’s happiness is threatened and they are racing against the clock. Will they make it?

I had waited with bated breath for my ARC copy of A Restored Man and don’t get me wrong I bought the book too. I loved the chemistry between  Cole and Ty. They went so well together. Both of their pasts were heartbreaking and I wanted to cry for them both.

Then when the bad guy came and threatened there happiness, I never wanted to jump into a book and strangle the culprit so badly. If it wasn’t impossible I would have done it.

I can rant and rave about this book, but I won’t. You need to see what all the buzz is about with the men at the Halfway House. You will definitely want to know what superhero underwear Cole owns. Trust me it’s a wide variety. There is loyalty and camaraderie that you wouldn’t think you would see. Ok sorry I lied, but I am done. Now what are you waiting for, an invitation. I already gave you that. Oh and Cole hat does come off, in the most wonderful of ways.

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Men of Halfway House Series

A Better Man_Book 1_Cover

A Better Man (Book #1)


 Matthew Doner is starting over. After a five-year prison term that alters every aspect of his life, he receives a bequest from his aunt with the stipulation that he use the money to make things right. Breaking free of the long-standing role he’s played and inspired by the few who support him, he decides to create a safe place where people like him can find purpose and start a new life.

Julian Capeletti likes challenges. He is confident, brash, stubborn, and just what Matt needs. Desperate for work after a downturn of luck, he accepts the job to renovate Matt’s crumbling building.

Over the course of a year, romance simmers between them as they restore the house. But there’s a bigger renovation that must take place in their hearts. To become better men, they need to learn to trust each other even with secrets and painful memories they fear may rip them apart.

Buy Links:

A Hunted Man_Book 2_Cover

A Hunted Man (Book #2)


After surviving ten years in prison, Cameron Pierce is attempting to put the past behind him. He tries to adjust to his newfound freedom with a place at the halfway house and a job. But one lesson he learned in prison keeps him guarded: hope is a dangerous thing.

Hunter Donovan, Assistant State Attorney, is a man of justice who loves a challenge. After a lifetime of putting his career first, a milestone brings him to a harsh realization—he’s lonely.

Hunter’s world changes when he meets Cam. The wary young man intrigues him and awakens a desire unlike anything he’s ever experienced. When Cam’s past resurfaces and threatens to rip them apart, their budding relationship is challenged and Cam’s hope for a future begins to dim.

These outside forces hunting Cam will stop at nothing to send him back to prison. But they’ll have to get past Hunter first.

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coach_purse  coach_umbrella

Black Coach tote + signed copy of A Restored Man + Calloway’s keychain. US ONLY

Coach umbrella + signed copy of A Restored Man + Calloway’s keychain. (International)

(5 winners) Signed copies of A Restored Man + Calloway’s keychain (International)

(3 winners) ONE eBook of either A Better Man or A Hunted Man (gifted via Amazon)

Author Bio:

Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.


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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Release Day Blitz: Carolina Hurricane by Gwendolyn Grace

Carolina-Hurricane cover

Carolina Hurricane (Drive Me Wild #1)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


 I was standing in the middle of nowhere with no real destination in mind. There was only the dire need to disappear from Charleston. With my head tilted up to the gray sky and my eyes closed, I let the light droplets of rain fall onto my face. I’d reached a crossroads in my life and was trying to find a reason to keep going. I had no idea a hurricane was coming and fate would choose that moment for our paths to cross.

“Hey! You okay?” A voice called out to me in a deep southern drawl, pulling me out of my fog. “Can I give you a ride somewhere?”
I opened my eyes and found a pair of intense blue eyes staring back at me. His name was Fox. He had an irresistibly sexy grin, and judging by his fast car, a need for speed. His timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was looking to start a little trouble, since it was what I did best and he seemed like a good target. After sharing an incredible night together, I quickly learned that Fox was more than he appeared and full of delicious surprises. He gifted my body with unbelievable pleasures and unlocked emotions that I’d wanted to keep hidden. When I pushed him away, he left claiming a piece of my soul.

I never imagined that getting into his car that day would start a transformation within me and forever change the course of my life. Fox challenged every rule I’d ever made by tearing down the carefully constructed barriers around my heart. I never intended to fall in love with him but how could I resist a man who was so different than I’d expected and more than I ever deserved? The grayness in my life caused by loss and betrayal was waging a storm within me; Fox was the anchor I needed to stop the inner turmoil and bring me back into the light.

**Carolina Hurricane is the first book in the Drive Me Wild- Love in Fast Lane Novellas series**

You are cordially invited to come and celebrate the release of Carolina Hurricane with us. Stop in for fun and prizes!!

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Author Bio:

GG logo

When Gwendolyn Grace is not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. During the day she manages the office for a small maritime security company that fights pirates, just not the cool Johnny Depp kind. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember. She plans for many more steamy romances to come.

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Blog Tour: The Bristol Island Tales by Elizabeth Finn


The Bristol Island Tales

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Erotic Romance


The Fight For Us (Book #1)


When Isaiah moves his teenage daughter Natalie to a new town, there is little doubt he’s running away from the past. But what should have been a fresh start for them ends up fraught with pain and heartache when Natalie becomes the victim of intense bullying at her new school.

When Joss is called to a meeting with the high school principal to discuss her daughter Harper’s involvement in the bullying of a new student, she’s shocked to say the least. Her daughter can’t possibly be that child.

It’s a rocky start for Joss and Isaiah as they try to set their daughters on the right path. But there is more to Joss’s and Isaiah’s connection than just two teenage girls. Joss’s and Isaiah’s attraction to one another is undeniable, regardless of their fractious start. But his soul is broken, and as much as he’s drawn to her, he’s equally terrified of what that means.

Is Isaiah strong enough to let her get close to him?

Life sometimes forces you to make those choices whether you’re ready to or not. And when Joss’s life is turned upside down, Isaiah has to decide if he’s ready to leave his past behind and live again, or if he’s going to watch what he’s come to care so much for slip away. Isaiah’s fight is profound. Joss’s is too. And their strength to withstand it all is brutally tested.

Sometimes the willingness to fight for another is all a person has left to give. And sometimes the fight is the most important gift of all.



Isaiah was watching Joss as she pulled up in the driveway of house one—or house eight really since she’d flipped their original list on its head. Her heart was racing as she pulled into the driveway, and his focus followed her from his place in his car at the curb. When she stepped from her car, he did the same. She couldn’t tell at all what kind of mood he was in. She’d shot off a text message less than an hour before asking him to meet her there rather than driving together from the office. Errands, she’d said. She was full of shit. She didn’t have a single errand to run. She was simply terrified and having a panic attack. It was odd that he had such an effect on her given they’d never done anything even noteworthy to suggest such a connection. He’d not asked her out, not kissed her, nothing at all that could explain why exactly she felt like shit since he’d been honest with her nearly a month before.

He’d been a rush to her system since the day they’d squared off with one another in the principal’s office, and now, life was back to the same old hum-drum boring bullshit—aside from the fleeting moments when she got to see him. But then she was such a spaz she couldn’t seem to act normal to save her life.

“Hi.” It was the same polite and safe greeting she’d been giving him for a while now, and she hated the sound of her voice when she said it.

“Thought you had errands to run.” He studied her, refusing to look away.

“I did.” She forced herself to stare right back at him.

“Why do people always think they can sell a lie by holding eye contact?” He said nothing else for a moment. “I only just pulled up, and I drove by your office on the way. I’m well aware you were there.” He watched her, but he didn’t give her a chance to respond before he turned and headed toward the door. “Shall we?”

She let him in the house, but once they made it to the kitchen, she stopped. “I’m sorry I lied.” She owed him that much at least, and since he was a walking lie detector, there was no sense denying it.

“Relax. I expected you would.” He winked at her before he walked away to the living room.

She followed him, wandering around the room. She’d been so terrified about this meeting that she’d made a trip to a small boutique the afternoon prior just to buy a new shirt. Sadly, it likely wasn’t worth the money she’d thrown down, but after spending an hour on her closet floor nearly comatose from the exhaustion of trying on twelve lackluster ensembles she already owned, she decided it was worth whatever the price might be. The skirt was the same as she’d worn on their previous house-hunting-mission-gone-bad, and as she shrugged out of her black pea coat and left it on the kitchen island, his gaze trailed slowly over her, studying her new billowy satin shirt.

The material was cold against her skin. It was every shade of gray, black, and white imaginable, swirled into a rather antique looking paisley pattern, but it was doing little to keep her warm in the rather cool house. She’d paired the outfit with her black boots that came nearly to her knees. They had a heel, and every step she took clicked and echoed off the cavernous empty walls and floor. It was only after she stopped, crossing her arms on her chest and returning his stare that he actually gave up his attention on her and started looking around. Odd, she’d worn the new shirt to attract his attention, and yet, when he’d given it to her, she’d instantly cooled and glared at him. Was this going to be her vengeance? Some pathetic immature power struggle?

His eyes kept shifting to her as he looked around. The living room was a decent size, and it had a beautiful stone fireplace that extended up to the vaulted ceilings above, but even that failed to capture his attention for longer than a second.

The house was a large two-story structure with four upstairs bedrooms, one of which was an impressive master suite that overlooked the water. Within minutes, he wandered off as she remained in the living room twiddling her thumbs and trying to calm the tremor in her hands. But ten minutes later, when she did catch up to him, she found him staring out the windows of the master bedroom upstairs.

“You know, you must be going for distraction gold wearing that skirt again today.” His voice had the warm seductive edge that instantly flushed her skin. “Can’t guarantee I’m going to be paying attention today any better than the first time.” He’d not bothered to turn to her as he spoke, but in the silence now, he slowly did round toward her, watching quietly and intently as he always did with his searing hazel green eyes.

“I chose my outfit unwisely, did I?”

His lips pulled up. And she forced a casual smirk even as her heart raced.

“No. You chose very wisely. You look beautiful. You always do.” He didn’t stop his attention from drifting down her figure. His face looked relaxed, and the tension was gone, but as she watched, he swallowed and his brow furrowed. “I don’t like the way things are with us.”

“Well, there it is—the truth as told by the one who made it so.” She instantly regretted saying it, as happened often to Joss.

His expression suddenly cooled, and his nostrils flared as he breathed. “Tell me, did you try to push me off on Randall?” He was back to smirking, seemingly having stowed whatever irritation may have been creeping in.


“I thought as much.”

She laughed quietly. He looked almost playful as he studied her ruefully. She could feel the warmth in her cheeks as she flushed.

“We should probably head to the next house.” But when she turned to leave, he quickly grabbed her elbow, spinning her to face the large windows that looked out to the shore in the distance.

She didn’t turn toward him, though. She just stilled in place, and before she could register his movements, she felt him closing in behind her body, letting his hand fall to her hip and pulling her into him. She started panting then. Her bottom was held snug to his groin, and she could feel the hardness of his arousal against her lower back. His lips tickled her earlobe as he leaned to her ear.

“I didn’t want you to leave that night.”

She whimpered as she felt the feather light movement of his lips against that most sensitive skin.

“I wasn’t asking you to. I understand why you did, but it wasn’t what I wanted.” His free hand gripped her other hip, and he held her tight to him, leaving not an ounce of space between their bodies. “I want you.”

She stopped breathing then, and he stilled, waiting behind her. She could feel his heart pounding against her back.

“Isaiah.” Her voice quivered as she whispered it out, and then he spun her again where she stood and pushed her to the window that was now behind her.

His hands gripped her cheeks, and his mouth closed in on hers, but he stopped short, leaving her breathless against his lips that were mere inches from hers. His eyes bore into her, and all she could manage to do was grip the sides of his waist, feeling his muscles tighten as she squeezed.

When his forehead sank to hers, she sighed and his grip on her cheeks loosened. Her face was flushing and warm, and coupled with the cool glass that touched and chilled the back of her body, her insides were left not having a clue what to feel at all. She was flushing, she was chilling, she was shivering and sweating all at once.

“Fuck, Joss. Why is this so hard?” His tone was desperate, and he shook his head as his thumb brushed gently over her cheek.

“It’s okay.” It didn’t feel okay at all. It felt like he was two seconds from rejecting her again. She should be thankful for the rejection, but she wasn’t—not at all. “I know you’re not ready for this.”

She pulled away then, trying to skirt around him, assuming there was little more to say, but he pulled back.

His hands held her by the cheeks again, and he watched her. “Shut up.” His words were murmured so close to her lips that she could feel his lips brush softly against hers as he spoke. And then he was silent. He let his mouth linger and touch hers without kissing her, and she waited. Whatever this hurdle was he was standing at, she couldn’t be the one to make him move past it.

When his lips parted against hers, she started to melt into him and whimper at the same time. The first kiss was gentle and slow, but before it even ended, he was pulling her lower lip between his. The smack was quiet and sweet, and then he was sucking on her top lip. His mouth was incredibly warm, and when his lips parted again, she felt that warmth push between her lips along with his tongue.

She could do nothing at all but grip the sides of his waist, her nails digging in harder and harder the farther his tongue delved and licked. She pulled him toward her as he held her firmly against the window. His hips met her body, and she felt his need hard against her stomach, demanding more, regardless of how much he’d fought against this.

“Fuck.” She murmured it between his tongue leaving her mouth and hers entering his.

He groaned, and then she was running her tongue along his as his groan loudened and the pressure of his body against the front of hers intensified. That cool hard surface behind her began to cover more and more of her backside as he pushed her harder into it, and then his hands were gripping her. As one ran down the front of her throat, their mouths continued to pull, lick, suck, and bite at each other’s lips. He slipped his hand easily past the loose billowy satin that sat along the low neckline, and then his fingers slid under the top of her bra, brushing quickly down over the hardened peak of her nipple. She cried out as his fingertips grazed the over sensitized and tight bud, and the moan he returned vibrated past her lips and down her throat.

When the door downstairs suddenly slammed shut, they both gasped, sucking the breath from one another’s mouths and pulling apart in unison. She was panting, taking lurching shuttering gasps as she tried to focus on what was happening. It was the most confusing moment in her life, trying to shift from the complete and utter sexual frenzy of what they’d been doing back to the real world, real life, and real slamming doors in one second flat.

“Joss!” Randall’s voice trailed up to them from the main level.

“Fuck.” She tried to talk through her panting breaths.

Isaiah pulled his hands from her body, letting his still groping fingertips gently brush across her nipple one last time. She gasped again, and he calmly watched her face. His rapid breathing and equally fast blinking said what his still body and expressionless face didn’t. He was freaking the fuck out just as much as she was.

“Randall?” His head cocked to the side as he questioned her.

She did nothing but nod in response, still struggling to breathe enough to talk.

“I think I hate him already,” Isaiah muttered as he turned from her, clearing his throat and waiting for her to lead him back downstairs.

She was as silent as he was as she led the way, and she forced herself to release a deep breath as she stepped off the last stair to the foyer floor. They found Randall in the kitchen peering into her purse without touching it. He was a snoop, and if it wasn’t her tits he was infringing on it, she couldn’t say she was surprised to see it would be her personal possessions.

“What are you doing, Randall?” Her voice was finally working again, and as she glared at him, he slowly turned around with a broad smile on his face.

“Ah, Joselyn. Good of you to show my listing for me.”

She sneered in response.

His eyes zoned in on her tits as he started to talk. “On my way to pick up a client—” he enunciated it strangely for some odd reason “—and I thought I’d swing by. I have an open house here this weekend. Just wanted to make sure everything was in order seeing as the owners are in Florida for the winter. Didn’t expect to see you—”

Isaiah’s snapping fingers over her right shoulder cut Randall off and made her jump. When Randall’s focus quickly pulled up at the sound, Isaiah spoke.

“What part of her are you surprised to see? Because you can’t seem to find anything but her chest.”

Randall laughed nervously but played off Isaiah’s comment as a joke. When Isaiah stepped up beside her, his arms were crossed on his chest and he was glaring. If Randall really thought there was anything about Isaiah’s demeanor that was joking, then he’d lost his damn mind.

“Have we met?” Randall was suddenly all charm, smiling ear to ear as he held his hand out to Isaiah.

Isaiah glanced to his outstretched hand before ignoring it and coolly looking back to the man’s eyes. When Isaiah reached past Randall to snatch her purse and coat from the kitchen island, he spoke over his shoulder to her. “We should go. This house is overpriced.” It was, frankly.

“This house has some amazing features. I’m guessing Joselyn just didn’t point them out—”

“Shut up,” Isaiah muttered as his attention returned to her.

She could feel her eyes bulging. Isaiah reached to her chin, pushing it up to close her mouth, and smirked. Of course, Isaiah was blocking Randall’s view of her, so the man missed her shock.

He helped her into her coat and handed her purse to her as well. Randall remained quiet the entire time, and they spoke not a word to the man as they turned and left the house. But the moment the front door was closed, Isaiah spat out, “Prick,” on an irritated sigh.

She followed him, but when he suddenly stopped and rounded on her, she nearly walked into his chest.

“The man is aware you have a face, right?”

She balked. “You’re one to talk.” It slipped out. She’d not forgotten the trouble he had the first time she’d shown him homes.

He glanced slowly to her chest, not hiding the attention at all, before letting his gaze slowly move back up to her eyes. “Oh, no. I’m well aware you have a face—quite a lovely one, in fact. Lips too, warm ones.” He stepped toward her, looking down at her. “And an exceptionally delicious tongue.” He inhaled slowly.

She stared in a stupor at him. “You kissed me.”

His suddenly rapidly blinking eyes and creased forehead said he wasn’t expecting that response. Hell, she wasn’t either. It was literally the only thing that had popped in her head, and naturally, she’d said it.

He shook his head, chuckling for a moment. “Yes. I’m aware.” And then as he reached for her mouth, running his thumb along her lower lip, he continued. “Might have gotten a little carried away given how swollen and pink your lips are.” His thumb lingered as his eyes followed the path his thumb ran, and then he cleared his throat as he pulled back.

My Review: 5/5 Stars

Wow, that is what this book was. From the Prologue on. There was never a dry moment.

Joss’ husband was an abusive prick and after 5 years of being divorced he still tormented her. She moves back home and is trying to move on with her until she meets Isaiah. He turns her life upside down, but in a good way.

Isaiah lost his wife in the worse kind of way and his daughter found her. They are struggling to move on. The icing on the cake is when Joss’ daughter and her friends start to bully Natalie. Isaiah isn’t having any of that. He confronts Joss.

Their relationship starts off rocky and continues that way until they find their groove.

This book was awesome and I ate it all up. I couldn’t put it down and the chemistry was amazing. I don’t really like to read about older men because it makes me think of my father, but I had no problems with this one. Flipping amazing! The journey and struggle were life like.

Buy Links:
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Inappropriate (Book #2)


A New Standalone Bristol Island Tale.

Cohen is a man apart on Bristol Island—an outcast loved by all but separated by his position within the community. Dylan is the newest resident in town, but she arrives with a dark secret and a desire to keep it buried.

But when burning attraction is thrown into the mix, his job and her secrets are quickly forgotten—that is until one impetuous decision renders a relationship off-limits, unethical, and utterly inappropriate.

Living next door to one another on the island’s isolated peninsula guarantees their paths will cross time and time again. With fate tempting Cohen to ignore his conscience and, for the first time in his life, gamble with the rules, will he risk everything for Dylan?

And what happens when Dylan’s past suddenly catches up to her? Will she find the strength to bare her soul to him? Or will she let her secrets take them both down?

Sometimes the inappropriate relationship is the most appropriate of them all.



She could tell it was him by nothing more than the silhouette of his body through the opaque glass of her front door. She stopped five feet from the door, pausing as a tremor ran through her. But when he reached up to knock again, she managed to get her feet moving. She pulled the door open just as his knuckles touched the wood frame surrounding the window in the door.

His hand froze in mid-air as he stared at her. “Hi,” he said quietly. His eyes slowly moved down her body, stalling over her breasts. He made no attempt to hide what he was looking at, and her nipples hardened at nothing more than the invasive way his eyes studied her.

“Did you come to parade your girlfriend around in front of me again?” she asked rudely. It was unfair, and she regretted the comment immediately.

But he ignored it and stepped into her entryway, shutting the door behind him. He walked to the dining area that sat off her open kitchen, turning around and staring at her as she followed him. “I’ve now been slapped twice in the past eight days alone, so maybe you can cut me a little slack.” And then he took a deep breath. “She’s not my girlfriend, and I didn’t invite her or want her here.”

Dylan turned to the table, saying nothing as she gripped into the side of the table with her hands. She was at once relieved and confused as hell at the same time. She stared down at her table top. “It doesn’t matter, Co.” She shook her head. “Haven’t we already established that?”

But she felt his hand on the back of her arm, and she froze. When his other hand gripped gently into her other upper arm, a rush of breath left her lungs. And then he was against her body, his chest touching her back, her bottom brushing against the front of his dress pants. But it was his breath on the side of her neck that put her over the edge, and she whimpered quietly as she felt his warm exhalation against her skin.

“I like this song,” he said quietly. “I’m pretty sure I was dancing with another woman while wishing I was dancing with you the last time I heard it.” He nuzzled against her neck, letting his whiskers brush her skin. “You looked so beautiful tonight.” She could feel his lips brushing just under her ear, and her chest shuddered as she tried to inhale. His hands trailed down the backs of her arms, gently moving over the soft sweater fabric. They settled at her elbows. “We both know this matters,” he whispered against her ear this time, just slightly higher than his mouth was the last time.

Her chest was rising and falling quickly, and her knees were shaking. But it was nothing compared to the violent trembling that took over her entire body when his hands left her arms and found her waist. She sucked in a deep breath, and his hands squeezed gently, his thumbs running along her lower back, and his fingers wrapped around to the sides of her belly.

She could see his reflection behind hers in the window on the opposite side of the table. It was dark out, and with the pendent lights over the dining room table lit up, it was nearly like seeing it all in a dimly lit mirror. She felt his lips and his nose brush along the back of her neck as he moved from one side of her head to the other. He was a good many inches taller than she was, but he was angling his head down to her neck, getting his mouth and nose against that most sensitive skin.

And when he reached the other side of her neck, he spoke again. “Does your skin tingle and prickle when I’m around like your entire body is desperate to be touched?”

That was a damn good way to explain it. She nodded.

“Do your fingers tremble, your heart race, your throat tighten up as though it’s going to suffocate you if you don’t get what you need?”

“Yes,” she whispered. It was more than a damn good explanation.

“Does the thought of losing this make your insides turn black and your soul feel like it’s shattering into a thousand pieces?”

She whimpered quietly as she nodded that time.

His hands trailed low along her hips, slowly descending. He watched her in the reflection of the window as intently as she studied him over her shoulder. His palms smoothed over the curve of her hips, taking their time. They didn’t have far to go. The hem of the short sweater dress clung to her thighs more than halfway up—the bottom hem even tighter than the marginally looser body of the dress. And when his fingers passed over the hem to her tights, he hummed quietly.

“I’ve lost track of the reactions I have to you,” he said as his fingers brushed along the hem, taunting her. “I don’t know how to stop wanting you,” he whispered, and then he let his forehead drop to the top of her shoulder. His fingers peeled the hem of her dress up higher on her thighs, stopping just under her bottom. When he pushed up under her dress, rounding the cheeks of her bottom with his palms, she moaned.

He lifted his head, watching her in the reflection again as he slipped his fingers under the top of her tights and pulled them slowly down. He swept under the top of her underwear as well, peeling them down with the tights, and soon, she could feel the cool air on her bottom. He stopped when her tights hit her mid thighs. One hand glided over her naked bottom gently before gripping hard into her butt cheek.

She let out a quiet grunt as he squeezed her skin. His free hand reached up and around her shoulder, and he clutched at her lower jaw, his fingers along one side of her face, and his thumb anchored along her opposite jawline. He turned her face toward his as he leaned over her shoulder. She was suddenly face to face with him, rather than seeing him in the darkened reflection of the window eight feet away. He was there—his breath touching her lips, his blue eyes searing into hers. She could see the stubbly hair she’d come to expect on his face, and after taking all that in, her eyes settled on his lips. He was so close, surely he was going to kiss her. But he didn’t.

“I’ve wanted to touch that soft, sweet place between your legs, really touch it, from the first moment I saw you naked.”

She gasped, and he watched her closely his nostrils flaring. There was only one time he’d ever seen her naked, and they both damn well knew when it was.

“I want to feel your wetness on my fingers. You’re hot enough to give me that right now, aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

She nodded rigidly as his fingers still held her face in place. His other hand released its grip on her bottom.

“Bend over the table.” He let go of his hold on her chin.

She stared straight ahead again, watching him in the window once more. She focused on the music, letting her eyes close and trying to calm her nerves as she listened to the words of the song. When she opened her eyes again, he was studying her patiently in the reflection. She leaned over. She watched his hand disappear behind her body in the window, and then she felt it. His fingers ran up the back of her thigh, and then moved between her legs, slipping between the exposed lips of her sex. He delved, sliding through her wetness, and as he did his body seemed to crumple to the table beside her as he groaned.

He planted his elbow just above where her head was rested to the hard surface, and his breath came in ragged lurching moans as his fingers stroked. He didn’t push inside her, but he slipped between her lips, brushing over her clit every time.

“Look at me,” he demanded, and as she turned her head to the side, he brushed some loose strands of hair away from her face. He pushed a finger slowly into her. The penetration was agonizingly drawn out, and he watched her eyes with every inch. “You feel so hot,” he whispered, still brushing his other fingers along her hairline.

He started plunging in and out of her slowly as she gasped for air. Nothing he did exceeded the tempo of the music, and his every breath, stroke of her hair, penetration into her body followed the lulling melody. His face was so close to hers, and he watched her as he brought her close with every deep slow thrust. When he pushed a second finger in with the first, she cried out. For half a second, she thought it might be pain, but he slid easily and deeply in, stilling at her depths as her sheath trembled around him. He studied her eyes as she tried to relax. It was intense. Her legs were barely parted, and the tight set of her thighs left little room for more, but when he pulled from her, she was still ready to beg for it.

“Please,” she pleaded on a whisper.

“That’s it. Beg for it, Dylan.” His brow was flinched as though it was painful for him to watch.

“Please,” she whispered again.

His two fingers started to sink into her, slowly stretching and invading—

Rap rap rap!

She squealed, covering her mouth as the sound escaped her. His fingers stilled, and he stared at her. She turned her face to the table, resting her forehead to the hard surface and breathing against it as she tried to recover from this. The music still surrounded them, but it seemed to have faded to the background now—almost out of place after the interruption.

“Come on, Co. I know you’re in there,” Caleb hollered.

Dylan turned back to him. Cohen froze, his lips parted, and he stared at her. “Fuck,” he muttered quietly as he stood up, and he ran a hand through his hair.

“Your car is in the driveway. So stop arguing with your sweet neighbor and open the door! I’m locked out of your house!” Caleb hollered.

Dylan stood quickly, inching her underwear and tights up her legs, and as she wriggled them back into place, he reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it back down into place. He said nothing to her, and his expression was unreadable. She was still trying to remember how to breathe and think at the same time, and he shook his head subtly as she turned and walked toward the door. She felt him tug the back hem of her dress down just a bit further, and she glanced back at him.

­­“Hey, Dylan,” Caleb said as she pulled the door open. “He’s not being a dick again, is he?”

Cohen’s hand touched her lower back as he stepped up beside her, and his thumb ran a gentle arc down her spine.

“I’m not sure what he’s being right now,” she replied under her breath.

“Asshole’s supposed to come to L.A. over Christmas, but you say the word, Dylan, and I’ll uninvite his ass and you and I can go to Disneyland instead.”

She laughed awkwardly.

“We’re not going to Disneyland,” Cohen muttered as he stepped by her and through the door.

When he turned back, he tried to smile, but it seemed just as awkward as her pathetic laugh. They ended up staring at each other for a moment, and when she glanced down along his body, her focus caught on his hand. It was his right hand, and his thumb was running absently over his index and middle fingers that still glistened. She glanced back up to his eyes, just catching him following her line of sight to his hand. He cleared his throat awkwardly as he looked away.

Caleb stood there with a wrinkled confused brow. “Well… This is fun,” Caleb muttered. “I can’t tell what’s happening right now.”

Cohen finally rolled his eyes and glanced at Caleb.

“Jim dropped me off,” Caleb commented blandly. “Doors locked. I’m bored. Let’s go.”

Cohen followed Caleb down the steps to his SUV, but he glanced back once. His tongue was pushed into his cheek, and as he watched her for a moment, his forehead furrowed, and he shook his head again.

She walked back into her kitchen, and she rested her elbows on the counter in front of the speaker doc. She scratched her head. He’d seemed confused when he was leaving. She was pretty sure he’d instigated this … thing, so she wasn’t sure she understood his confusion. Hers? That was easy.

“What the hell just happened?” she said to Mazzy, who was still singing to her. She reached out, stopping the song, and then she stood up and reached for her abandoned glass of wine on the kitchen counter. Her cell phone rang from the dock moments later, and she snatched it up.

“He came back looking for you,” Joss’s voice hissed out quickly. “He only left to take that gal to the ferry landing and stick her on the last wind sled back to the mainland.” Joss was speed talking. “He didn’t even know she was coming. She just called as she was getting off the wind sled early this evening. But she’s gone now, and he left like thirty minutes ago.” And then silence.

“Huh…” was all Dylan said in response.

“I bet he feels bad for what happened tonight.”

“Umm…” She scrambled to find the word. “…yeah,” was what she settled on.

“Honey, I know you don’t want to see him right now, but I’d say there’s a better than good chance he might be on his way to see you. You just pull those knickers up and give him hell.”

Dylan stared down at her dress that was sitting a bit sideways on her body and perhaps slightly stretched out. She’d not managed to keep her knickers up at all. And giving him hell? Nope. That’s not quite what she gave him at all.

“Uhh… Yep. I’ll do that.” She said with mock confidence. “I’ll give him more hell than he can handle.”

My Review: 5/5 Stars

There is something about forbidden fruit and the temptation of tasting it. There was no excepting to that rile with Cohen and Dylan.

Cohen and Dylan are neighbors and hit it off when they first meet each other. They form a friendship and Cohen wants more. That is until Dylan goes in for her first doctors appointment and low and behold Cohen is her doctor. I mean damn that was just mean, but made for a very interesting story.

The ride on reading about them fight their attraction and then caving was amazing. The emotions were real and the struggle to be together was amazing. They worked and fought hard for what they wanted.

Fan-flipping-tastic read!

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Author Bio:


Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey. And her readers find themselves devoted to her honest and heartfelt voice.


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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Blog Tour: Void by Cassy Roop




Genre: M/F, Erotic Romance




I screw men and get screwed for money, living my life everyday as Jericho Lane.

My clientele list is immaculate. I am sought out, demanded and damn good at my job.

I don’t care that these men have families at home, or that they are important people.

I do it for the money. To survive.

There is nothing that could make me feel a bit of remorse or concern about what I do because I was born with the inability to experience or feel emotions…

 I don’t feel PAIN

I don’t feel SORROW.

I don’t feel extreme HAPPINESS or LOVE

I am VOID.

A blank canvas of emotions. An empty hole in an endless sea of circumstances, moods and relationships.

 Until one client changes EVERYTHING.


Beautiful lonely woman in the old house.

My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Oh sweet mother of pearls! This book, this book, the name does not do it justice because there are so many flipping emotions in this book.

Nicola doesn’t feel, I mean at all. That is until she first meets Andris and Link. Boy was there first night explosive.

Andris is a psychiatrist and he is about to inherit the family clinic and family problem. He feels out of control and turns to his one vice. When he meets Nicola everything changes and he wants out of the family deal, but it isn’t that easy.

The words on the pages are explosive and full of emotions and secrets. Throughout the whole book, I’m thinking who the hell is Link. When you read it you will understand. I make up my mind on who it is, then Ms. Roop dashes my dreams then I’m back to guessing and when I found out my jaw dropped.

Amazing book, with a little bit of drama/criminal activity going on. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

Buy Links:

Young woman by the window


Author Bio:

Cassy is a work at home mom where she spends her days surrounded by children running her in-home daycare. She loves to cook, read and spend her nights and weekends being a Les Mills group fitness instructor. She has been a lover of all things romance from a very early age. She hopes and dreams that everyone can receive their happy ever after. A good ol country girl at heart, she was born and raised in Arkansas and now resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and three young children.


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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Review Tour: Dance for a Dead Princess by Deborah Hawkins

NBTMR_DanceForADeadPrincess_Banner (1)

Kindle Cover.indd

Dance for a Dead Princess

Genre: M/F, Mystery/Suspense Romance


Nicholas Carey, 18th Duke of Burnham, international financier, is haunted by the loss of all the women he has ever loved. Taylor Collins, a beautiful American attorney, struggles to regain the love of the man who left her at the altar.   A mystery rooted in the Carey family’s past throws Nicholas and Taylor into the midst of deadly international intrigue.

Finalist, Foreward Reviews Book of the Year; Finalist, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Honorable Mention Paris Book Awards



Conference rooms are all the same. As are airports. On a cold, wet, mid-November afternoon, His Grace, the Eighteenth Duke of Burnham, decided that those who thought running the Burnham Trust was a glamorous job should go from London to Paris to Brussels to New York seeing only conference rooms and airports. He was now trapped in one of the beastly things on the twenty-eighth floor of the Manhattan offices of Craig, Lewis, and Weller, studying the deepening early twilight through the sheets of glass that formed the walls. His mood was as black as the coming night.

He looked down the nine-foot glossy mahogany conference table and wondered why it took five lawyers to sell a house to a girls’ school. And why weren’t any of them the one he wanted to see? His operative had named Taylor Collins, a partner in the Craig, Lewis real estate section, as was the one likely to know where Diana’s tape was. He bet she looked at least forty-five and was twenty pounds overweight. And probably chain smoked and had a face like a bulldog. He didn’t look forward to dealing with her.

The massive, dark mahogany door to the conference room opened, and another female suit stepped inside. A pair of eyes the color of spring violets were fixed on him. Very like Diana’s eyes, but deeper.

“My partner, Taylor Collins, Your Grace.”

His heart was racing so fast, he had difficulty speaking; so he merely nodded in response.   He wondered what color La Perlas she was wearing, but he longed for more than sex. He desperately craved the impossible: time alone and the chance to know who she was beneath the lawyer facade.

My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

This is the first book that I have read that in 2010 there was a Duke of anything. That is so cool.

Nicholas has lost every woman in his life who he has cared about to a tragic death. He only has love interest because it would look weird if he didn’t.

Taylor is assigned to sale the Abby where Nicholas lives. As she looks for the right paperwork, she finds a journal from Nicholas’ ancestor. As she reads it and gets to know Nicholas she realized they were a lot alike when it came to the women they loved.

But will Taylor change the course of history.

Ok so I was really enjoying this book. It had a bit of mystery, no sex, but it eluded to it. Now I have said this before I have a dirty mind, but I got over it. The story is engaging and you want to know what will happen next. What made me mad was towards the end when they were trying to frame Nicholas and Taylor became wishy washy when it came to his innocence.

Don’t form a bond and when that bond is tested you start to doubt. Though she did redeem herself at the end, that part stuck out the most with me. You have to pay attention to the book or you will be surprised when you find out who is causing all the trouble.

Great read.

Buy Links:

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$25 Amazon/B&N GC

Author Bio:


Deborah grew up in the South, wrote her first novel at the of age thirteen, and has been writing ever since. In graduate school, she studied Irish Literature and came to believe all Irishmen and Southerners are born storytellers. In addition to writing, she loves music and plays the clarinet. Now that her children are grown, she devotes her time to law, music, writing, and her two Golden Retrievers, Melody and Rhythm.

Deborah taught college English and worked as a technical editor before going to law school. She worked for several large East Cost firms before coming to California in the mid-1980’s where she developed a solo practice as an appellate attorney while raising her three children as a single parent. She is admitted to the bar in two states and the District of Columbia, is a certified appellate specialist, and has a Master of Laws in addition to a Masters in English. She believes that even a legal case always begins with a story. Her second novel, Ride Your Heart ‘Til It Breaks is expected to be out in December 2014.

Website • FacebookFacebook Page

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.