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Right Here Waiting

Genre: M/M, Contemporary Romance


In 1942, Ben Williams had it all – a fulfilling job, adoring friends and the love of his life, Pete Montgomery.

But World War II looms over them. When Pete follows his conscience and joins the Army Air Force as a bomber pilot, Ben must find the strength to stay behind without the love of his life, the dedication to stay true and the courage he never knew he’d need to discover his own place in the war effort. Good friends help keep him afloat, until a chance meeting on the home front brings him an unexpected ally—one who will accompany him from the stages of New York City to the hell of the European warfront in search of his love.

Written in the style of a 1940s film, Right Here Waiting pays homage to classic wartime romances from the Golden Age of Hollywood.



My darling P —

I’m writing you from the desk in our apartment. It’s cool and dark here. It’s been raining since you left. I think the sun misses competing with your smiles.

The censors did take out your location—but it doesn’t really matter where you are. All I know is you’re not Here.


Ben ran his fingers over the page. The letters were feeble and shaky, not Pete’s usual bold penmanship. But it was unmistakably Pete writing. Pete was sitting somewhere right this very instant, inhaling and exhaling and being alive.

Author Interview:

Nessa: Why did you become a writer?
KE: Honestly, I’ve been writing things since I was a little kid – I’ve always read really, really fast and would read far faster than the book budget back then would allow for book purchasing. So I just started to write my own.

N: Do you have any siblings?
KE: Yes, and a whole herd of cousins who are very much like siblings! 

N: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
KE: I would love to go one step further and go anywhere in the world at any time. I would have to choose the Hollywood Canteen, in 1943 or so. Bette Davis and John Garfield started it, and raised the funds and got it going, and all of Hollywood lined up to volunteer. They had producers and directors and actors and actresses — all there to dance with the Allied soldiers, or clean tables, or empty the garbage. No one was too fancy or too proud to help out with any task that was needed. 

N: Why?
KE: The WWII home front canteens were inspirations for my book, Right Here Waiting. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be served a piece of cake by Lauren Bacall? Emptying ashtrays with Danny Kaye or singing along with Irving Berlin! Or to just see the faces of the soldiers when Ginger Rogers danced with them! 

N: If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow would you be ready?
KE: Nope. I need to go grocery shopping!

N: What is your favorite genre to read?
KE: Historical fiction— I’m a big fan of books about WWII, but also the 18th century, as well as Ancient Egypt. I’m kind of a history nerd, so I love to read things set in all kinds of eras. 

N: If you could meet anyone past, present or future, who would it be?
KE: Definitely Carole Lombard. She was definitely in my mind when I wrote the character of the USO bombshell, Gwen Andrews—a really smart, funny and caring woman, not afraid to speak her mind or to insist on her way. She was killed in a plane crash, after touring cities selling war bonds. 

N: Where do you see yourself three years from now?
KE: Lounging on a gorgeous beach in the sunshine (hey, it never hurts to dream big!) 

N: Paper or plastic?
KE: Reusable bags. Stores here in France don’t supply bags for free, so you either pay five cents a bag (or more) or you buy reusable bags and bring them along! 

N: Home cooking or take out?
KE: I love to cook, so definitely home cooking. 

N: What is the one thing your readers don’t know about you, but you wished to share?
KE: My family members were always fans of Big Band Era music, so I have been singing it since I was a little kid. So it seemed a natural fit to include Big Band music in my historical romance, Right Here Waiting. Both Ben and Gwen are Big Band singers with the USO, and it gave me the chance to include some of my favorite songs from that era in the book.

My Review: 5/5 Stars

I can honestly say this is the fist book that, throughout it, I was close to tears, or I laughed, or just simply went awe and if the ending didn’t go the way I wanted it to I was going to be seriously pissed off. I think it hit close to home, though I didn’t go to WWII, I have been to war. I’m a veteran and it sucks not knowing if you are going to make home. The whole time I was reading, I was rooting for Peter and Ben.

Boy was it a journey they took. From them both going to enlist and Ben not being able to go because of his bad knee. They supported each other and when they were back together it was like there was no time at all that had passed.

When you read this book and I really hope you do, you will laugh cry and think OMG. Fabulous read!

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Author Bio:

K. E. Belledonne is a writer, editor and translator based in the French Alps. A native New-Englander, Kat spends her spare time listening to Glenn Miller records, reading history books and cheering on her beloved Red Sox.

Ms. Belledonne describes her story as “like an old friend—the book you curl up with when you’re not feeling well. You know how it goes. You know how it will end, but it just makes you feel better reading it.”

Right Here Waiting is her first novel.



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7 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Right Here Waiting by KE Belledonne

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for having me here today! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the book so much. I had veterans very very much in my mind while I was writing it and it means a great deal to me that it resonated with you.

    I’ll check back here throughout the day, in case anyone has any questions about the book!

    Thanks again!


    • To be honest, I actually *do* have a vague plan to write a m/m book about Ancient Egypt 😀 It’s still in the idea-gathering stage, and I haven’t any real writing on it or character building yet, but it’s in the back of my head, simmering away. I have a great deal of research materials already for it, for whenever I find the time to pore over them. I love research, and I tend to do a lot more of it than is really necessary for a book, because I’m history nerd. 😀

      I’m in the process of actually writing a book now (a contemporary m/m romantic comedy) which hopefully will be out in the next year or so. Then I have two others which are both historical romance, of different eras, that have a solid foundation (characters and storylines are plotted out) and scenes sketched out. I always work on more than one book at a time — if I get stuck on one, I make the switch over to another and work on that for a while.

      So, the short answer is -yes-. I will be writing about Ancient Egypt sometime soon. I’m just not sure exactly when! 😀

      thanks for your question!


  2. I have not heard of the Hollywood Canteen before and would love to go back in time to see it as well. Although if I was asked what time I would go back to, I would say to see the seven ancient wonders of the world in the original glory, I would love to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the pyramids at Giza….


    • oh, those are really good times and places to go back to!
      I had the chance to go to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, where they have the Ishtar Gate from Babylon — it was absolutely stunning. I just walked around with my mouth hanging open because I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing it in real life. Based on that, I can only imagine what the Hanging Gardens must have looked like!

      Thanks for your comment!


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