Excerpt Tour: Steady Burn by Nichelle Rae



Steady Burn

Genre: M/F, Paranormal, Romance


Steady Burn is the 3rd book in the epic white warrior series.

Hathum has left Azrel for dead. Seemingly a long way from recovery after his attack, Azrel suddenly gets a vision of Yarin, the true leader of the Gleo’gwyns. He is being held prisoner in a decrepit dungeon and being mercilessly tortured by a Shadow solider.

Azrel realizes in that fearful instant that the world would share Yarin’s fate if Hathum and the Shadow Gods defeat her.



The creature sunk down so its chin was level with the sand and circled my brother, who turned along with it. “Well hello, gorgeous,” the serpent said in a distinctly female voice. “Are you ready to die today?”

“Gorgeous?” Rabryn replied, “Sorry honey, you’re not my type.”

“Ooo,” the serpent hissed, “How interesting. Tell me then, Meat, what is your type?”

Rabryn raised an eyebrow. “Being attractive would be a good start.”

Both Acalith and I threw our heads back and unexpectedly laughed. He was fearless, fearless in the face of this terribly daunting enemy!

“Ohhhh,” the snake hissed. “You’ll pay for that.”

Our laughter was cut short by the powerful snap of the serpent’s jaws that seemed to shake the entire earth. My brother jumped to safety once, and then again. The serpent barely missed him.

“You’re quick, boy, but I’m quicker.”

I gripped the bars with both hands. In a blink, the serpent snapped at him from one side and then instantly shifted her body to attack from the other. Rabryn couldn’t move that fast and got his calf nicked. I saw a strip of blood soak through his pants and he yelled in pain. I wrung the bars with my sweating hands and Acalith squeezed my forearm hard. Rabryn jumped out of the way once again to avoid getting his entire leg bitten off, but he was moving slower because of his injury.

“End it Rabryn,” I whispered, “End it now or you’re dead.”

The serpent snapped at him again, but Rabryn spun out of the way this time, staying close to her body. Finishing the spin, he raked his javelin across the long side of her face and managed to nick her eye. The creature threw her head back and roared in agony. Both Acalith and I screamed for joy!

As the creature raised her head in a roar of pain, as if in slow motion, Rabryn suddenly became very focused. He steadied himself with his legs shoulder-width apart and knees bent low. He arched the weapon back behind him as far as it could go, took careful aim, and then threw the javelin with all of his strength.

It flew for a moment until it disappeared into the serpent’s throat. It went through her bottom jaw, up through her tongue, and through the roof of her mouth until the tip was poking just outside the top of her head. She fell dead onto her side.

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Author Bio:


Nichelle Rae, fantasy’s newest author, was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her love for writing began when she was 14 years old and she wrote short stories about meeting her favorite music group. She received so much praise and complements on her writing ability that it quickly became a passion of hers. Throughout the years she has gotten much praise from peers, professors, and professional author’s she’s had a chance to work with about her writing and ability to put emotions into text.

The White Warrior Series is her debut fantasy series she’s publishing as an independent author which will consist of seven books total. Nichelle already has begun three more fantasy series that she hopes to publish in the future after The White Warrior Series.


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  1. Hi all! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks so much to Nessa’s Book Review for hosting me today. I appreciate it so much! I will be hopping on and off throughout the day today to respond to any questions and comments. I hope to chat with some folks soon! 🙂


  2. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! Thanks also to Nessa’s Book Reviews for hosting me! (I swear I posted a thank you this morning, but for some reason my iPod has proven usless to comment here. Maybe it’s still asleep, like I am, at 5am :)) I’ll be on and off throughout the day to answer questions and respond to comments. Thanks!


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