Blog Tour: Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler (Warning 18+ Only)

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Fifty Shades of Foreskin

Genre: M/M, Action/Adventure, Erotica


Jake Parker is barely legal…and very deadly! 

He’s a young, hot, uncut and impulsive twink with a secret. On his own for the first time, this seemingly normal gay teen is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. His journey from boyhood to manhood will be filled with sex, adventure, travel, danger and passion.

He’ll be put through tests and training that will stretch him to his limits, teaching him what he’s truly made of. But once he’s stripped bare, face-to-face with a savage and seductive enemy, will he have what it takes to save the free world? The first summer of his adulthood will leave Jake Parker changed forever… if he lives through it!

Fifty Shades of Foreskin is a boundary-pushing gay erotic adventure full of unforgettable excitement, forbidden desire and pulse-pounding thrills.



I’m ready to pass out from bliss as I feel Leo shove his hot, wet tongue right into my hole. His tongue easily glides in and out. I can’t see, but these brothers’ faces must be really close to each other right now. That really turns me on.

What’s the story with these two? These brothers aren’t at all shy around each other. I don’t have a brother, but if I did, I don’t think I could do anything like this with him. Still, they’ve barely touched. I wonder if that’s because it’s too taboo or if it’s because they’ve fucked each other their entire lives and are now bored by it. I don’t know, but they sure have no problem fucking somebody else together and being really close during sex. If they aren’t going to do anything with each other, that leaves more attention for me.

I can’t tell which sensation feels better: the mouth on my cock, the tongue in my ass or the dick down my throat. It all feels so fantastic, I’m surprised I haven’t cum yet. Maybe all that wine is helping me hold back. Matteo feels like he may be close to exploding soon. I suck even harder, hoping to feel his cum fill my stomach. I’m eager to try his creamy Italian dressing. I figure a little ass play might send him over the top. I slowly work my finger into the older brother’s furry hole as we suck each other’s cocks.

“You are a naughty boy, aren’t you Giaco,” he says smiling, letting my cock slip out of his mouth. When I try to put a second finger in, Matteo groans hard and then pulls away before he can cum. He gets up off me and stands up. His huge cock looks like an overfilled red water balloon.

“You get me too close to finish,” he explains. “I don’t want to finish. I like you and my brother likes you.”

“I like you guys too,” I shoot back. The hard, wet cock bouncing on my stomach says it better than I do.

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My Review: 4/5 Stars

Ok so I don’t even know how I am going to review this properly.

There is a lot of sex, I am talking about every chapter Jake is either having sex or he is thinking something sexual, or he is jerking off. I went into this book with completely different expectations. Sure I knew it would be a huge amount of sex, but hot damn. Ok enough about sex.

The underling storyline was actually good. You have Jake thinking he is going to school abroad, but what he really is doing is becoming a spy. To successfully complete his mission, he needs to blend in and boy does he do that, but when it’s time for him to catch the bad guy, the flipping twist that happened in this story threw me for a complete loop. I swear to beans I did not see that coming..

So if you like a story with sex galore and a good secondary story this book is for you.

I’m not really big on severe amounts of sex, but I actually want to know what will happen next with Jake.

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Author Bio:

Robert Chandler is a writer, filmmaker and sexual revolutionary. Since an early age, he dreamed of telling stories of adventure that readers would masturbate to, but put those dreams aside to focus on his cats and career. He finally worked up the nerve to put fingers to keys with his first novel, Fifty Shades of Foreskin. He is also the creator of the popular adult website, Fantastic Foreskin.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler (Warning 18+ Only)

  1. Oh yeah. There’s a whole lot of sex! I was inspired by the stories that used to appear in gay porn magazines, back when they’re were gay porn magazines. I lived those stories. They did such a great job at building characters, sexual tension and sexual release in just a few pages. But I wanted to add a connecting story and a warm, exciting character to follow through the sexual adventures. He definitely came to life as I was conceiving the book. His summer of adventure and learning to be independent gave the sex in the stories another dimension for me as a writer.
    Thanks for reading the book and sharing your thoughts!


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