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The Only Exception: Broken

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


“Everyone I’ve ever loved has been taken from me and I can’t take the heartache anymore. It’s time to build that wall around my heart and let no one in, no exceptions.”

Ellie never did know her mother; before she turned twenty she lost her father in the line of duty; a freak accident stole her fiancé from her before they had a chance to start their life together. She wants answers, but now that she’s living in a new town and trying to start over, she’s finding that it’s not that easy. Maybe new surroundings are what she needs to make it easier to move on and forget all about her old life. It could have been…until he showed up.

“Having the sort of job that is as dangerous as what I do doesn’t allow for a personal life, no exceptions.”

Jack and his team of military misfits have seen their fair share of war zones and violent criminals. Skilled in precision rescue operations, they’ve traveled into some of the most terrifying countries and stood up to intimidating adversaries, but when a mentor of Jack’s calls them in for a favor that he is unable to turn down, he finds himself up against his most challenging fear of all…his heart. There is a fine line between getting close enough to do your job and getting so close that you get attached. That line used to be obvious, but now that he’s met her, things have blurred and priorities have shifted. Can he keep his feelings in check and still protect Ellie from an adversary more dangerous and twisted than she could ever imagine?


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“And this…,” I tossed the manila envelope back to the desk, “…is not a job. It’s a death sentence. My death sentence. I’m walking in blind. I mean, how do I know she’s not running from the law?”

Lou shook his head, his mouth contorting into a tight frown, and answered matter-of-factly,

“She’s not. And why would that stop you?”

“How do I know for sure? How do you know for sure?” I challenged, making him smile.

Somehow, that irritated me even more. He was hiding something.

“Because I know,” he answered, lips pursed, eyes narrowing at me. He didn’t look away and neither did I. I wanted to know what he was thinking. What was he hiding? Unfortunately, he was going to make it difficult to find out.

I sighed, knowing that was the only answer I was going to get. “Is she hiding from her husband or boyfriend or something?”

“Most definitely not,” he answered with a heavy sigh, sadness flicking across his face.

This piqued my interest. And why was a small part of me so damn happy with that answer?

“Did she kill someone?” I figured I already knew the answer to this one, but I had to ask.

He chuckled. “Absolutely not.”

“What if she’s got the mob after her? Did she piss off a terrorist group?”

“So what if they are? So what if she did? You’ve been wrapped up in worse and handled it,” he answered quickly. “Stop with the stalling already, Jack. I need to know. Are. You. In.”

“Lou, I don’t help people against their will because if they won’t listen and do what I tell them to do, bad things happen. She doesn’t want me anywhere near her. She won’t even look at me, let alone talk to me. Ellie dodges me all day long. I tried to just talk to her like you asked me, but she avoids me like the plague and scurries off in the other direction. She looks at me like…like…”

“Like the frightened child she is,” Lou interrupted sighing.

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My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

Going into this book it was amazing.

You have Ellie, who has lost her father and fiancé and has this phobia of getting into a car. She is strong and independent. She knows something is up with her father’s death and she wants answers. The kind of answers that will get you killed.

In comes Jack. He is protecting Ellie as a favor to his father and Lou. What he doesn’t count on is getting to know Ellie and falling in love with her.

Like a said the book was amazing, it felt believable and you went on the ride of getting to know Jack and Ellie as they got to know each other. The chemistry was there and you just knew Ellie would be pissed when she found out she was being lied to.

Now what took me for a loop was when the shit hit the fan. Now mind you Ellie is a grown woman an if she doesn’t want to be somewhere, she has that right. She leaves and goes back to California not knowing what waits for her there. When Jack catches up to her, he ends up explaining everything and she gives him the slip again. And again she is a grown as woman.

Everybody made it seem like it was Jack’s fault. It wasn’t in my book and they seriously pissed me off when they made him believe it and then when he steps back from the situation because they told him he was getting to close, don’t and I mean don’t get pissed at him when he’s doing what the hell you wanted him to.

I really do hope that there is another book because the ending left me with so many questions.

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Author Bio:


A.L. Davis lives in Southern California with her husband, two kids, and one fur baby. A.L. has had a passion for writing since high school where any free time was spent thinking up new stories. Shortly after graduating high school writing took a back seat to start a family. Now that the kids are older, writing has become her hobby once again.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.


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