Release Day Launch: Consumed by NJ Flatman


Consumed (Addicted to You #1)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


The problem with a love that consumes you….is what do you do when it’s gone?

Avery Bradfield didn’t believe in soul mates or true love. She wasn’t sure she believed in love at all. That is, until she met Spencer Phillips. From day one, Avery found herself consumed by Spencer and the connection that the two of them shared. He taught her that she could feel alive, happy and bonded with another on a level that most couldn’t understand.

Until she wakes up and finds that Spencer has left her…..again.

Certain that this time her relationship is over for good, Avery is forced to endure a world that alternates between happy memories of a man she can’t forget and a darkness that consumes her nearly as much as he did.

Finding herself wondering if it is possible to exist in the world when half of her soul is missing, Avery is only sure of one thing- When pain consumes your every thought, you would do almost anything to make it stop.

Join Avery Bradfield and Spencer Phillips as they venture through a love that tests their limits, pushes them through their fears and shows them that sometimes addiction takes on many forms.


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Author Bio:

If you don’t know by now, I am known to most of the world as Jenni.

I am a slightly crazy, seriously overdramatic, extremely emotional, hopelessly romantic, just a touch perverted, creative genius.

But it is my belief that all of the best storytellers are.

I was raised in the mountains of North Carolina, but the western side of Michigan has been my home for more than a decade. I currently live walking distance to our version of the beach with my sixteen year old daughter, all of our combined personalities and whatever stray people I tend to take in.

From the time I was old enough to hold a pen to paper, I have dreamed of writing novels. I achieved this dream first as a ghostwriter and then decided to jump in and try it for myself. And here I am.

One of my favorite quotes is from none other than Stephen King.

“Love isn’t soft, like those poets say. Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close.”

If you are a handsome prince swoops in and saves me kind of girl then my stories are probably not for you. They are romance, and they show real and true love, but they show all sides of it-including the dark and not so soft and happy parts.

When I’m not pouring my heart and soul into romance and perversion I spend the majority of my time carting my kid back and forth to theater and music obligations, hanging with the crazy people I call friends, out enjoying various stuff in town, killing things on xbox and trying to find a minute to actually sleep.

My house is never clean, calm or quiet, but I’ve discovered I work best in chaos.

I’ve always been a firm believer that life is for living, not existing and I’m on a mission to live mine to the fullest or die trying. For me, this means loud music, from the gut laughing, unconditionally loving and trying my damndest not to have to cook.

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