Release Boost: Butcher by LeAnn Ashers

(The Devil Souls MC, #3)

Genre: MC Romance / Romantic Suspense


He stalked me from the moment he saw me. He watched me day and night. 

Butcher is what everyone calls crazy. They see all the tattoos and scars and to be honest, to most people he looks downright scary. He’s dangerous. He is after all the enforcer to the Devil Souls MC. 

But to me? He’s just Butcher. I see him. I see who he really is. I see a man who will do anything for the people he cares about. I see the man who will protect and love me above everything else. 

I am just as obsessed with him as he is me. I will die for him and he would kill for me. 

What everyone doesn’t know is I have the same crazy inside of me…

This book can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read the first two first.

4/5 Stars

Ok, first I will start off by saying going into the book I thought it was the first in the series, sadly I was mistaken and should have headed the authors warning of reading to other two books to get a better feel of the dynamics in the Devils Souls MC.

With that being sad though it was a good read. Shayla was a force to be reckoned with and paired with Butcher they were a dynamic duo. You have the lead female who basically gives no fucks, and the lead male who is exactly the same, he just bigger, scarier and more obvious about it. Shayla will sneak up on you with her fierceness.

They both are loyal to a fault when it comes to people they love, and what I didn’t like was how Shayla’s best friend basically dumped her as a friend to have a “new start” because of a bar fight. If you ask me Lexi had it coming, but that’s neither here nor there.

It was interesting in watching them fall in love. I just might need to read the other books in the series.


LeAnn Ashers is a blogger turned author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016. LeAnn writes about strong minded females and strong protective males who love their women unconditionally. She is the author of the Forever Series and the Devil Souls MC.




Release Day Launch: Irrefutable by Kimberly Bracco

Title: Irrefutable
Series: Apprehensive Duet, Book 2
Author: Kimberly Bracco
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date:  May 20, 2016
Quinn Taylor had a plan, and it didn’t include Alex Conway. 

With Quinn’s decisions no longer her own, her friends questioning her judgment, her life spinning out of control; she’s not sure about anything she once believed in. Alex has found something to believe in – Quinn. He knows what life is like without her and it a life he no longer wants to live.

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, chaos ensues leaving them both out of time and out of options. Should Alex try for Quinn’s love without a guarantee in sight? Will Quinn be able to marry one man, to save herself, while knowing it will destroy the one man who truly loves her? Their lives are about to be flipped upside down – one way or another. Will they have the strength to work against life’s obstacles and find true happiness together? Can Alex get Quinn to see she’s about to make a huge mistake? Can he show her a side of love that’s irrefutable?

Can I trust him? That’s the biggest question I need to answer before I can say a word about the driving force of this wedding. A wedding that’s supposed to take place in less than eight hours. For two years I thought of Alex as this amazing man, the man who was going to change my world. I let him in—I gave him parts of me I never gave anyone else, and I’m not just talking about sex. Alex got further in than anyone else since my time as an immature teenager, and it ended in a lot of confusion and hurt. My walls are my safety net; I put them there for a reason. No one had ever gotten past them, and I thought that’s how it was always going to be—until Alex.

But Jordan made it in too. I tried to hate him, but it didn’t work. Jordan isn’t my enemy. How can I hurt him? He’s stood by me through everything my dad has done to me. He may not know the full weight of my father’s threats, but he’s still been my rock through it all. When everyone else had something negative to say about what we’re doing, Jordan had my back, to the point of being willing to marry me to save me.

4.5/5 Stars

I’m a big fan of Ms. Bracco. Her characters come to life off the pages, even if I want to slap the hell out of the female leads. We meet Alex and Quinn in the Uninhibited series. Their characters where so great together I was rooting for their book. When I got it in Fallacy, I was like oh shit that’s what I’m talking about.

After reading Irrefutable, I’m still happy they got a story but only because of Alex. I do not like Quinn, at all, and that’s bad because she’s the lead. I wanted to like her and maybe at the end I could tolerate her, but that’s only because of Alex.

Alex is that perfect man, well mine anyways. He supported Quinn even after she tore his heart out and stomped on it. That man still had hope for the woman he loved, but that woman did not deserve him.

Ms. Bracco takes you through a journey with this book, she paints the picture and it comes together fabulously. It’s the journey of finding yourself, for both Quinn and Alex, although I don’t think Alex had far to look. When they came out on top, I was happy for them until the next chapter coming from Alex’s point of view. I swear that chapter broke my heart, then when the next chapter came from Quinn’s point of view, I was giving high fives to Ashley in my head. Because I swear she said what needed to be said.

Irrefutable is an emotional ride, I was happy, sad, angry and pissed off. (Last two mainly at Quinn.) It was a page turning, and if I were reading it as a life story, I would want both Quinn and Alex to come on top, if only for Alex’s sake.


Kimberly is a stay at mom of four crazy beautiful children. She lives in New Jersey with her husband of ten years and enjoys every minute of her never dull life. She loves a good book that is impossible to put down and you will mostly likely find her reading in her downtime, unless of course, there is a football game on.



Blog Tour: unDefeated by J.C. Valentine



unDefeated (Wayward Fighters #3)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


Spencer Bradley ruins everything he touches. Addicted to gambling, he’s lied, cheated, and stolen to get what he wants. Now, in order to protect those he cares for, he’s keeping his distance. Rehab’s taught him a lot, but when his time runs out and he finds himself with nowhere to turn, he seeks help from the one person he’s capable of destroying.

Olivia Carter fell in love the day she met Spencer Bradley. Despite him being responsible for the downfall of his best friend’s career and landing himself in rehab, she can’t bring herself to stay away—even if it means risking her own recovery.

*Note* While this book is a part of the Wayward Fighters series, unDefeated can be read as a standalone.


My Review: 4/5 Stars

I’m going to say this first, you really need to read the first two books in this series. If you don’t you will be confused and want to know what the heck happened with Spencer and Jami. (Really bad thing is I bought the first two books and did not realize it until after I finished this book, so I need to do some catching up.)

Spencer and Olivia both have their own addiction and problems, but one thing is clear, they are meant for each other and realize that they need each other to get through their rough patch in life.

The raw emotions with Olivia almost had me in tears, the struggle was real and though I don’t know anyone personal there are people out there who does what Olivia did.  J.C. painted a picture of a troubled woman, but one who knew her short comings and was seeking help for it.

Spencer he was the type that I felt didn’t care. I mean, like I said I didn’t read the first two books, but when he was trying to make it work with Olivia, I saw the change in him. It was great and he too was seeking help for his short comings. Got to love a man who is willing to try and make himself better.

Overall great read though with the epilogue I was with the two women on did I just miss something and I read the entire book. Can’t wait to read more in the series. Well after I catch up on the first two books.


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Wayward Fighter Series

Knockout B1

Knockout (Book #1)


From the wrong side of the tracks…

Alyson Blake had learned early on that the only one she could depend on was herself. The only light in her life was a boy whom everyone agreed was destined for prison; but with his first kiss, he had set her soul on fire. Since the day the police dragged him away in handcuffs, she had managed to lead a quiet life, but when she attends an event fraught with mayhem, trouble resurfaces.

The one person she can’t forget…

Jamison Weston is the kind of guy dads load their shotguns for; endowed with a hot temper and a rap sheet as long as both tattooed arms. Known as “The Judge,” Jami’s hot temper, lethal fists, and cocky attitude have earned him respect and admiration both in and out of the ring. But just when he thinks he’s pummeled his past to death, Alyson Blake reenters his life.

Two paths collide…

After years of separation, Alyson is eager to reexplore the man who’s never left her thoughts, but for Jamison, she’s both the distraction he wants, but doesn’t need. As the two embark on a relationship that neither of them expected or bargained for, an outside threat closes in. When Alyson crosses the line of professionalism and takes her work home with her, her life is put in danger, leaving Jamison with no choice but to once again step in and become her protector.


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Tapout B2
Tapout (Book #2)


History brought them together. Circumstances may keep them apart.

Alyson Blake’s past left her with scars. Scars that she tried to fix the only way she knew how—by helping others. But actions have consequences, and Alyson is about to find out that being naïve is no excuse.

Fighting is Jamison Weston’s passion. Alyson is his obsession. Despite the past and a few lingering concerns, their relationship is as solid as ever. Until a shocking lie is uncovered and all of his plans begin to unravel. Now, Jami is rushing to pick up the pieces, but as relationships are put to the test, will he be strong enough to keep it together, or will it all just fall apart?


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unDefeated full cover

unDefeated Giveaway Graphic

Author Bio:



USA Today Bestselling author J.C. Valentine is the alter-ego of Brandi Salazar, whose enjoyment of tales of romance spurred her to branch out and create her own.

She lives in the Northwest with her husband, their wild children, and far too many pets. As a university student, she studies literature, which goes well with her dream of becoming an editor. Brandi entertains a number of hobbies including reading and photography, but her first love is writing fiction-in all its forms.

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Blog Tour: Burn by Allie Juliette Mousseau



Burn (Brothers of Ink and Steel #2)

Genre: M/F, New Adult Romance


Liam Knight, a sexy panty-melting, hard-bodied streetfighter and renowned tattoo artist, is rising up the ranks of the UFC Middleweight Division, but he’s about to get knocked out by his past.

Quinn Kelley is a semester away from becoming a college graduate when her mother’s death sends her spiraling, forcing her to go back to her hometown and a past she can’t outrun.

Nearly a decade ago, Liam and Quinn fell in love while surviving on the city streets together, but they were torn apart by one irreversible night. Now each has moved forward without the other, but like a tattoo on the heart, absolute love creates a lasting burn.

Quinn has kept a tight rein on her emotions, but with the passing of her mother, the foundation she’s built begins to crack. Will seeing Liam again crumble her fortress to the ground, uncovering the flame that still burns? Or will it extinguish the fire forever?

Liam’s tough exterior and resentful demeanor hides more than a wounded heart. He’s tormented by guilt over what happened to Quinn—and the secret he kept, even from her. But revealing his secrets would require unearthing the all-consuming monster he keeps caged in the darkest part of his soul, the one that threatens to devour him.

When they’re given a second chance, will they let go of their fear and pride and let the flame between them become one?

Or will the heat burn them both?




One more hour before Josh shows up.

Maybe he’ll get distracted with Sophie and Charlie—his beautiful new family. Then he can call and apologize for missing it, and I can say, Better luck next time.

Damn I hope that happens.

I shade with snow-white opaque, platinum and charcoal and finish off the edges.

I’m actually thankful to Quinn for walking in on me this morning—I could’ve fucked up my hands bad and would’ve had to cancel this session—and doing this is the best therapy I could give myself.

“I think you’re done, man. Why don’t you go take a look?” I tell him.

He slides off the chair and goes up close to the full mirrored wall. “Holy Fuck! It’s incredible!”

“Happy you like it.” I smile and begin cleaning my area.

“Man, it’s a fucking masterpiece.”


“Aren’t you afraid if you continue fighting in the MMA, you could hurt your hand so bad you wouldn’t be able to tat anymore?” he asks.

Wow! That statement hits too close to home.

“I don’t mean nothing by it—you’re a hell of a fighter—could become a world titleholder,” he continues. “But you’ve got an amazing talent right here.”

“Thanks.” It’s just another subject and another question I don’t have an answer for.

After he leaves and my station is all cleaned up, I walk out into the waiting room.

“He was a happy customer,” Adrienne chirps.

Adrienne has been working for me since I opened the place. She and her longtime girlfriend live in the apartment above the shop. They’re great people.

“Josh just called. He’s on his way,” she says.

“Great,” I mutter and then look around at what I’ve built: black walls with red trim and black and red checkered flooring with a Persian area rug welcoming clients to sit on the black leather sofas. My artwork hangs on the walls … they’re good, but these pieces aren’t parts of my soul. Those are colors I’ve only ever let one person see. After her, I pulled the dark shades down over those windows.

“Want to talk about it?” Ade shakes me from my daze.

“No thanks. I definitely do not want to talk about it.”

“Are you going to talk to her about it?”

When I look over at her, she has her arms folded across her chest defiantly. Her spaghetti strapped dress shows off her colorful, flowered arm sleeves.

“You’re going to get on my case too?” I accuse.

“Well, you know there are no secrets here.” When she tilts her head to challenge me, the light reflects off her silver chin post. “I think fate is giving you a lucky draw from the deck, and you need to play your cards right. You’ve been pining after her for as long as I’ve known you.”

“Ade—” I begin.

“I’m not finished speaking. This is do or die, Jack—where you find out if she still has a thing for you or not. Maybe then you can get on or move on.”

“Jesus Christ, I hate all of this free advice!” I sweep my fingers through my hair.

“Free advice just means you have a family that cares about you,” she quips.

At that moment, the buzzer rings, announcing someone has opened the door behind me.


“Welcome to The House of Ink and Steel,” Josh announces.

“Hi there!” Adrienne coos with the biggest smile. “You must be Quinn. I’m so excited to meet you.”

“Thanks.” She sounds unsure and distrustful.

“This is Adrienne, she’s been working here for forever,” Josh says.

“Oh yeah! Since Liam opened the place.”

“It’s impressive, Liam.”

When Quinn says my name, I feel as if I could melt.

“Would you like the tour?” Josh asks her when I don’t answer fast enough.

“I’d love it,” Quinn says. “You know, I’ve watched you on Ink Master.”

She’s still talking to me.

“Really? You watch that show?” I finally turn to face her.

“Well, only when you’ve been a guest judge. Guess I’m partial to your work as an artist.” She bites her lip and her gaze drops to the floor.

It’s her shy look. Her I-want-to-hide look.

“Come on, I’ll show you the alcoves.” Josh takes her arm in his. “Talon and Ryder do quite a lot more work around here than he does.”

As he leads her through the place Adrienne comes close and whispers in my ear, “It’s going to be alright, Liam. The universe has a way of working things through when it’s the right time.”

“At least one of us believes that.”

“Don’t be so cynical,” she scolds. “You just got handed a second chance.”

Before I can shoot her a dirty look, Josh and Quinn come back through the lobby. “Let’s get some lunch,” Josh says. “I’m famished.”

I give Adrienne a kiss on her cheek. Even though she’s just frustrated the living hell out of me, I know she cares.

We step out into the parking lot.

“I like the family SUV look you’ve got going on here,” I razz Josh, who used to drive a sleek Gillette Vertigo around. He still has it, but now he also owns a souped-up (with all the safety features) Chevy Tahoe. It has a pink flowered car seat in the back, which I’m sitting next to, along with the toys I had to push over to make room for my ass. A purple sippy cup sits in the drink holder next to Josh.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” he admits with a shit-eating grin.

“I’d love to meet your family.” Quinn smiles over at him from the passenger seat.

“I can make that happen,” he tells her.

Soon, though, Josh drives the scenic route around Lake Calhoun.

“Look!” He indicates the colorful snow kites gliding over the frozen lake. Before anyone protests, he pulls into the recreation area’s parking lot.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those,” Quinn says. “It looks like a kaleidoscope.”

“Good thing we’re all dressed warmly. Let’s get a closer look.” Josh turns off the engine. “I could use the fresh air too.”

This is turning into more than lunch. Before I lose my cool, I try to get back into the state of mind I had when I was tatting the guy’s arm.

“Sounds good,” Quinn says, and that solidifies it.

We all walk out to the lake’s edge. There’s so much going on here, even in the middle of February, and it reminds me why I love this city. Vendors are serving hot cocoa and warm, freshly baked pretzels; kids are running around in full snow gear, and of course, there are the snow kites. A snow kite looks a lot like a windsurfer, only it’s built to stand and sail on ice. The colors remind me of a hot air balloon festival, when hundreds take to the skies.

“There must be close to fifty of them,” I say.

“Have you ever tried it?” Quinn asks, and I realize she’s talking directly to me.

“No. I’d fall flat on my ass.” I smile.

“Yeah, and break it, then I’d be the one carrying you home.” Josh laughs.

“Asshole.” I shove him lightly. “You know, Connor’s into it. Has his own kite and everything. He’s good at it.”

Josh asks Quinn, “So, where are you living these days?”

“Georgia. I’ve been there the past few years.”

“Do you like it?” he prods.

“It’s hot and humid in the summertime, but the winters aren’t so bad.” She shrugs. “I sort of like the storms that blow through.”

She didn’t really answer his question.

“It’s really cool you two became such close friends.” She stares off dreamily at the kites.

“Yeah, I put up with him,” Josh quips and shoves my shoulder. “You two entertain each other for a second, I need to use the loo.”

I’m going to kill the fucker. I have no idea what to say! And obviously neither does she, as we both just stand there, painfully uncomfortable.

“Adrienne seems sweet,” Quinn finally says.

“Yeah, she’s cool.”

“How long have the two of you known each other?”

“Since I opened shop six years ago.” I watch a novice kiter fall on his ass. I know how you feel, buddy, I think.

“Six years is a long time,” she says.

“I guess.” I just shrug my shoulders. I’m now plotting the ways I’m going to kill Josh. “You never did finish telling Josh if you liked living in Georgia.”

“The people are really nice. I love the southern hospitality and big smiles. The people make you feel really welcome.” She continues, “I’ve made some great friends.”

“But?” I say, while I crane my neck towards the bathrooms.

“But …?”

“It’s an easy question, do you like living in Georgia?” It comes out more rough-edged than I intend it to.

“Yes, I do,” she snaps back at me.

Perfect, I’ve made her angry.

Trying to save this conversation, which is already a train wreck, I try, “I’d miss the winter too much, I think, to live down south.”

“I miss the winter, the smell in the air and the prickly feel of the cold on your face,” she says, then slowly states. “I’ve been thinking for a while now about … maybe … moving back up into this area.”

It’s a big city, but not big enough. “Would your boyfriend go for that?” FUCK! Way to be subtle. And I don’t even want her to answer that! “You know, Josh is taking a long fucking time. I’m going to walk by the bathroom and see what’s taking him so long.”

I walk away fast, hoping she’ll forget that I asked her anything. Now I’m getting pissed off because I’m acting like a fucking teenager!

“Wait, I’ll go with you,” she says, catching up.

Without paying her much mind, I throw open the door of the men’s bathroom and walk inside, calling Josh’s name. When I get no answer, I come back out.

“Did you see him?” I ask.

“No.” She looks at me like I’m nuts. “Maybe he had to go to the car to get something.”

We walk together out into the parking lot, until we’re standing in the empty space Josh’s SUV had been parked in.

“Okay … that’s weird. You know, I’ll just call him.” She fumbles through her coat pockets. “He may have gotten a call from … Sophie … my phone isn’t here. Oh, shit! I just remembered, Josh asked if he could borrow my cell phone when his battery died. He must not have given it back to me.”

“I’ve got mine.” I feel my jacket’s inner lining and find only a piece of paper.

Sorry, Liam. Josh made me do it. Adrienne

I close my eyes as the reality of what Josh just pulled off becomes completely clear.

“That asshole!” I look around the lot, hoping it isn’t what I think.

“What is it?”

“He drove us out here, left us on purpose, and stranded us further by confiscating our fucking phones!” I’m fuming.

How the fuck could he do that to me? What the fuck would make him think this was a good idea?

I hear a soft giggle beside me. I peer over to see Quinn trying to stifle her laughter behind her mitten-covered hand.

“It isn’t funny!” I state. “It’s a five mile hike back to my place.”

That doesn’t stop her. Her response grows from a giggle to an all-out laughing fit.

“He didn’t even fucking feed us!” I growl.

But her eyes still sparkle when she laughs, and it sounds so good and beautiful I can’t help but get sucked into it.

“You think it’s funny?” I reluctantly smile at her.

She nods with tears in her eyes.

I have to hand it to him, this is definitely one way to force us together.


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Burn just about broke my heart. The feels in this book were heartbreaking.

Liam and Quinn had a really rough childhood, but they stuck together through it all. Until one fateful night where Quinn’s world shattered.

It’s been ten long years and Quinn’s back in town and Liam doesn’t no what to do. On one hand he still loves her and on the other his heart is still broken because she left him.

You read about how the Brothers of Ink and Steel came to be in Dare, but you learn all the gory details in this book. You go back and forth between 2005 and 2015.

I absolutely loved Burn, though I could have did without a certain scene or two. There is nothing left to the imagination as you read the tale of true love and soul mates.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Buy Links:
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Brothers of Ink and Steel Series


Dare (Book #1)

Genre: New Adult, Romance


Josh North is UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion—but he’s about to meet his match.

Sophie Garner is a single mom who’s been raising her daughter on her own, fighting for both of their lives ever since going into hiding to escape her abusive husband.

When Sophie gets offered the job of a lifetime as the exclusive massage therapist for Josh “The Jackhammer” North’s team, it’s difficult to say no to the outrageous salary—and the bet—that Josh proposes. But for Sophie it’s a risk that could cost a lot more than just her heart – if she’s found, it could cost her her life.

Should she dare?

Josh wants to break through Sophie’s fortified walls, but is unwilling to put the jackhammer to his own and reveal his secrets and the side of him few have ever known or seen. To do that, he’ll have to confront the darkness of his past.

Will he dare?


Buy Links:
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Click Me

Author Bio:


Allie Juliette Mousseau writes sexy, emotionally-charged New Adult and Adult Romance in a variety of genres and temperatures. She also creates captivating YA worlds through the magic of ink.

She can always be found writing, playing in puddles with her children, hiking with her husband, or adventuring somewhere in the world. Her favorite place to write on warm days is outdoors, but when the weather gets too cold, she’ll be inside at her desk inspired by the mountain view from her home office in Montana where she lives with her loving husband, children, and golden retriever.

She loves to travel, and lived for three years in her RV with her family while visiting the national parks and forests of the U.S. and a couple Canadian provinces. Allie loves chatting to her readers through email and social media! Come visit her through any of her links below!


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Blog Tour: The Diary of Bink Cummings by Bink Cummings

Bink Cummings_Vol3_blog tour banner

Volume 3 Cover

The Diary of Bink Cummings (MC Chronicles #3)

Genre: M/F, MC Romance


Must read: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1 & 2 previously.

Tests, life is full of them. The world is constantly putting you through them to see how much you can take before you break. Before you are no longer who you are. Before your world dissolves around you. How long you can stay strong and overcome the obstacles.

It’s no secret that Big and I butt heads. It’s no secret that I not only dislike my mother, I hate her because she hates me. But can these people break me? Can they push me to the edge of insanity, ready to jump?

Having stayed and moved in with Big, I was living the life I never even knew I wanted. Every day was filled with promise, warmth and unconditional love. Until the day, it wasn’t. Until the day it all changed and I quickly learned what I’m made of, thanks to the truths behind many years of painful secrets.

It only took a single day for my world to never be the same. One day to change me forever. One day for revelations. One day I’ll never forget.


Blog Tour Teaser 2

Blog Tour Teaser 3

My Review: 4/5 Stars

I don’t even know where to begin with this review. That’s saying a lot, so I will begin at the beginning.

Eva “Bink” Cummings is this bad ass biker chick. I mean she takes no shit from anybody, tells Big what she feels without a care that he is the President of the Sacred Sinners. She basically gives no fucks and I love it. She grew up in the life, but wasn’t a member of the club if that makes sense. She just turned thirty, she has no man and no kids, but she doesn’t let that stop her from doing her.

Her mother hates her and she hates her mother. I mean the stuff that went down with her mom was just damn. Her mother did her dirty in this book.

Her father and brothers are apart of the life and they love it as well. She also has another father figure, Gunz. I liked him, he took no shit, but at the same time he was putty in Bink’s hands.

Then we have Big. OMG, what is there to say about him, everything. This is the man you do not want to cross even on one of your good days. He has no problem cussing you out, whooping your ass, or pulling a gun out on you. It’s that real. Hell there is a scene that just confused the hell out of me because maybe I missed the explanation later on in the book, but this man rode home on his bike after taking care of some business and he was not himself. That’s saying a lot.

Bink’s is Big’s old lady though she doesn’t want to admit it. The third book basically ties up loose ends from the previous book. Questions are answered that I swear I kept saying ‘well when am I going to find out.” Bink’s bad bitch is on full force in this one.

There is hot sex, bad biker men, love and family.

My only problem with this book was Bink’s attitude and mouth and that she wouldn’t tell Big how she felt. I swear I wanted to jump in the book and shake some sense into her.

Another than that, this was an awesome read and I can’t wait to read Big. I hope it has his POV in it.

Buy Links:
Amazon • Amazon CA • Amazon UK • Amazon AU

Blog Tour Teaser 1

The Diary of Bink Cummings Series

MC Chronciles Vol 1  Vol 2 Cover

Book #1:
Buy Links:
Amazon • Amazon CA • Amazon UK • Amazon AU

Book #2:
Buy Links:
Amazon • Amazon CA • Amazon UK • Amazon AU

Coming Soon

Close up of a high power motorcycle

Love Big Dick Graphic

Author Bio:

Author Bink Cummings was born and raised part of an MC family. Upon the incessant coercion from her sacred sisters, she has begun her newest journey in life–writing. When she’s not shacked up in her home, writing at all hours of the night, Bink enjoys riding motorcycles, taking care of her extensive roughneck family, and cooking huge meals. Especially her infamous chocolate chip cookies.

Facebook • MC Facebook • Goodreads • Website • Amazon • Twitter • Pinterest • Tsu

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Blog Tour: Capture by Penny Reid



Heat (Elements of Chemistry #3)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


One week.

Manhattan apartment.

Super-hot ex-boyfriend.

What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s been nine months since Kaitlyn Parker has seen or heard from Martin Sandeke—nine months and five stages of matter. She’s lived through the worst of first-love heartbreak, and is most certainly stronger (and less likely to hide in science cabinets) than ever before.

But now Martin is back. And he wants to be friends. But he’s sending mixed signals to the Bunsen burner in Kaitlyn’s pants. Will Martin re-capture Kaitlyn’s heart? Can Kaitlyn and Martin ever be just friends? Or, despite an abundance of chemistry, are some bonds just too unstable to endure?



My Review: 4/5 Stars

Capture was a perfect ending to the series. Although I never thought they should have separated at the end of Heat.

After the split Kait has come into her own. She realized the path she was on wasn’t the one she wanted. She knows it has everything to do with her week spent with Martin. He opened her eyes to her true passion.

After sometime apart Martin comes back into her life. She’s hesitant at first, but soon caves to his wishes. She spends one week at his house and now she’s more confused than ever about where they stand.

Martin’s not done with her and he will do anything in his power to get her back.

I was upset with Kait. If she would have just read the interviews that Martin held, so much time would not passed. I was with Martin’s decision at the end of Heat, though I think their separation benefited both of them.

Kait because she followed her dreams and Martin because he needed to let go of the hate he had for his father. I don’t think they would have accomplished those things if they were still together.

I’m a little sad though because their journey is over.

I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Reid.


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Author Bio:


SEX! It all started with sex, between my parents. Personally I don’t like thinking about it, but whatever works for you is a-ok with me. No judgment. The sex happened in California and much of my life also occurred in that state until I moved from the land of nuts (almonds), wine, silicon… boobs, and heavy traffic to the southeast US. Like most writers I like to write, but let’s get back to sex. Eventually I married and gave birth to 2 small people-children (boy-6, girl-4 as of this writing).

By day I’m a biomedical researcher with focus on rare diseases. By night I’m a knitter, sewer, lino block carver, fabric printer, soap maker, and general crafter. By the wee hours of the morning or when I’m intoxicated I love to listen to the voices in my head and let them tell me stories. I hope you enjoy their stories.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Book Blitz: Badass by Linda Barlow & Alana Albertson



Badass (A Stepbrother Seal Romance)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


I f**ked a SEAL—the human kind, the kind who shoots terrorists, sports rock hard abs and tattooed biceps, and scores an easy lay with every girl he ever wants.

I should’ve known better. I should be studying harbor seals’ breeding habits, not conducting my own research into mating rituals of the Navy variety.

He’s a jackass. An arrogant, womanizing, patronizing, Harley-riding jerk.

A one-night stand. One night of the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. Shane is trained to kill with his bare hands in 300 different ways—and he knows 300 ways to f**k me, too.

Now my father is engaged to his mother. And we’re heading to Mexico for the wedding. The prick is blackmailing me. He’s threatening to ruin their big day if I don’t surrender to his demands.

Quit is not in his vocabulary. I hate him, but I know he’ll never give up until he gets everything he wants.

Screw that! I won’t give up—I’ll never submit to America’s cockiest badass.




I pulled her to me, her thin dress clung to her body and I despite my anger, my only thought was ripping off her panties and taking her right there in the strand. She attempted to jerk away, her nostrils flared.

“When did you know? My mom had never shown you a picture of her son? Or mentioned my name?”

“No, I didn’t know. She said her son was a SEAL. You lied to me about what you did for a living. And even if I had known, which I didn’t, I had no way of contacting you. I gave you my number, but you didn’t call.”

“I’ve been deployed. We can’t text during firefights, despite what you see in the movies.” But even if I hadn’t been deployed, I would never have called her. We were too different—way too different.

“For the record, Shane the SEAL, the only reason I agreed to leave the restaurant with you was to set down some rules.”

“Rules?” I laughed openly at her. “You’re giving me rules?”

“Yes. We will inevitably see each other at family events. You and me, whatever the hell it was, can never happen again. And Dad and Molly can never find out. Promise me you won’t say anything.”

I laughed. “Listen, sweetheart. If I want to fuck you, and you want me, which you do, nothing is gonna stop me.”

I wasn’t done talking to her yet. I grabbed her hand and we continued down the beach.

“Dammit, the only reason I’m not running away from you is because I’m not leaving until you swear to me that you won’t tell your mom about that night. Or anyone else.”

I released her hand and playfully pinched her. “What makes you think I haven’t bragged about you yet? Our night was epic.”

“So the rumors I’ve heard about SEALs are true—you guys are a bunch of misogynist pricks who can’t keep your mouths shut about anything.”

My Teammate Kyle noticed my return first. “Is this the redhead you won’t shut up about?”

I raised my eyebrows at him. “Sure is. Cassie, meet my buddy Kyle. I just found out that Cassie is going to be my stepsister.”

A look of horror flashed on her face and she clutched her stomach.

Kyle let out a deep laugh. “Stepsister? That’s a good one, Tyler. Laugh my fucking ass off. Let me know how that works out for you.”

One of the recruit’s eyes lifted toward Cassie, a full body eye fuck.

“Hey Pinhead, are you checking out my stepsister?”

“No, Instructor Tyler.”

“You calling me a goddamn liar? Get in plank.”

The guy dropped into the sand. I grabbed a hose and blasted him with water. Fuck him, no one was gonna look at Cassie while I was around.

“If your body isn’t straight, put your ass in the air.” I yelled at the motherfucker. But I wished Cassie were the one writhing in the sand, her ass in the air as I took her from behind.


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

This was an awesome read. The only complaint that I had was the opening. They meet, he helps her, then they hit the sack. Now call me old fashion, but I need to be at least tipsy or drunk or you need to buy me dinner first. It’s just not going down like that. Now to the review.

Cassie is a marine biologist. She is currently in grad school finishing her degree. One day she’s out and is trying to save a baby sea lion, when Shane swoops in for the rescue. Now Cassie knows the rules, and Shane uses the threat of telling what she did to get her into bed. There’s a wham, bam, thank you ma’am, some dinner, Cassie leaves her number, he doesn’t call and that’s that. Ha.

9 months later they meet face to face again because their parents are seeing each other. Boy was it a shock for both of them, then to find out that your parents are going to get married. Damn. Shane isn’t trying to hear we can’t sleep together again.

So when Cassie tells him in no uncertain terms you will be at the wedding, Shane tells her he wants her to travel with him on his bike. (swoon) She agrees and there off.

Badass was fast paced, but moved along smoothly. A few twist and turns thrown in there, that I swear I didn’t see coming. On their road trip Cassie showed Shane that she wasn’t a shallow rich girl and he showed her that he knows what to do under pressure and that he is intelligent, though he tries not to show it.

Oh wait, I didn’t like that he kept pushing her away. You can tell that he wants to be loved, but just doesn’t know what to do with it. I loved the ending though.

Both Shane and Cassie were strong characters and went well together.

Can’t wait to read more from both authors.

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Author Bios:


About Alana Albertson

Alana Albertson is the President of RWA Contemporary Romance Writers, former President of RWA’s Young Adult and Chick Lit chapters, and the founder of Academe Advantage, a college admissions & test preparation company. Alana Albertson holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University. A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two young sons, and four dogs. When she’s not spending her time needlepointing, dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through Pugs N Roses, the rescue she founded, she can be found watching episodes of House Hunters, Homeland, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

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About Linda Barlow

Linda Barlow is the author of 25 novels, with more on the way. She lives in New England with her mysterious spouse (who sleeps during the day, which has often made her wonder if he’s a vampire) and their equally enigmatic and nocturnal cat.

Linda has written in various genres, including historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, New Adult romance, family sagas, and general mainstream fiction. Publishers have included Doubleday, Dell, Penguin, Warner Books, Hachette, New American Library/Signet, Berkley/Putnam, Silhouette and Harlequin.

Linda is a USA Today bestselling author. She’s proud to have earned a few awards over the years, including the Rita from Romance Writers of America for Leaves of Fortune; New Historical Novelist of the year from Romantic Times for Fires of Destiny; and a Career Achievement award from RT.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.