As a professional reviewer, I receive both copyrighted and soon-to-be copyrighted materials for the purpose of review. I value and respect author’s ownership of their work. I have a strict policy to never redistribute any materials provided without express written consent. (Brief sections may be quoted in my posts as excerpts or for the purpose of review.)

All reviews are the property of Nessa’s Book Reviews. Authors and publishers may use quotes from my reviews to place on their books, websites, blogs or other social media outlets. All I ask is that you mention Nessa and/or Nessa’s Book Reviews when doing so.

Accepting a book for review does not guarantee that a review will be posted. Most of my content is appropriate for the general reading population but I do occasionally post material restricted to 18+ and my blog is intended for adults only. I also reserve the right not to post reviews on certain topics, i.e. stories that contain non-consensual sex with minors, bestiality, or any other topic I determine to be inappropriate at my discretion.


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