Book Blitz: Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever by L.V. Lewis

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Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever
(The Ghetto Girl Quadrilogy #1)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


Keisha Beale, a street-wise Chicago south-sider two years out of DePaul University, is a quarter million dollars in start-up capital away from realizing her dream of owning a recording studio/record store. She takes the place of her more business-savvy partner in a meeting with Tristan White himself, the venture capitalist they’ve targeted to fund their business.

A bi-racial–African American and Brazilian–woman with a troubled past, Keisha has been so focused on her business pursuits that her love life has been non-existent. Tristan White is the devastatingly handsome, 32-year old CEO of White Enterprises, the firm he built using only the inheritance his mother left him to prove to his father he had the mettle to do it alone. He comes from a long line of wealth, and lives the life of a “one-percenter” on Chicago’s Gold Coast. Tristan is accustomed to controlling every aspect of his life given his birth into a world of white privilege.

50 Shades to the 2nd Power…

When Keisha and Tristan’s worlds collide, sparks fly, and a fever is ignited in them both that they have never experienced before. It turns out they each have secrets, but together, in the unorthodox arrangement Tristan proposes, they discover passions they never knew they had.

… Meets Keisha From The Block!

The Ghetto Girl title is, in all truthfulness, a misnomer. Keisha Beale is a highly-educated young woman who just happens to have been born on the other side of the socio-economic tracks. She embraces all of who she is, and navigates almost effortlessly in both worlds.

Erotic, amusing, and in places hilarious, the Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy is a parody with a new take on a Fifty Shades type story that will take you even further into the BDSM world, and promises to make the vanilla original Fifty Shades more colorful.


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Fifty Shades of Jungle - Keisha and Tristan


“Speaking of our association, how long are we talking here?”

Tristan leans against the building, folds his arms casually, and props one jean-clad leg behind him. “You anxious to get rid of me, Ms. Beale?” He deflects with questions better than anyone.

I fold my arms, not allowing him to stare me down. “I asked my question first.”

“If I were to answer based on past associations: a year. Two max.”

So, my shelf life was the equivalent of a fiscal year or two if I looked at it from a business perspective. Could I even survive that long?

“And just how do your, er, associations usually end?”

“I or my submissive will allow it to come to a conclusion organically.”

“Meaning, you or she will indicate it’s not working and exercise your right to dump or be dumped?”

“Yes, but it’s usually very amicable.”

Struggling to look impassive, I chew on by bottom lip despite myself. “You’d better be glad you didn’t meet the twenty-one-year-old version of me.”

“Why is that?”

“That Keisha didn’t take forced endings too well. She was fond of super gluing sensitive body parts of ex-boyfriends.” I have no idea why I admit this to him. I suppose it isn’t as much to let him know I’m nobody’s fool but to get a rise out of him.

Tristan doesn’t react. We are both wearing dueling poker faces. “As I’ve said before, you’re not a woman who should ever have to play host to the green-eyed monster. Never let anyone usurp your confidence. Not even me.”

It doesn’t surprise me that Tristan is wholly self-contained and keeps his emotions close to the vest. If I hang around him long enough, I could learn some things. “Thanks for the . . . advice.”

Fifty Shades of Jungle - Tristan

Fifty Shades of Jungle - The Block


Author Bio:

V. Lewis is a married, mother of four who lives and works in the Florida Panhandle. Early in her career Lewis decided stories like Fifty Shades of Grey needed a little more diversity and comedy. She penned Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever as a parodied response to those wildly popular books from a woman of color. A voracious reader since kindergarten, Lewis loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine. Now that Lewis has young adults who think they don’t need their parents anymore, she has taken up the second career of writing. Her love for writing is only eclipsed by her love for her family.

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The Immortal Prince of Egypt by J.S Lewis

The_Immortal_Prince__Cover_for_Kindle (2)

The Immortal Prince of Egypt

Genre: M/F, M/M, Historical, Romance, Erotic


thrilling, spellbinding, adventurous and gripping tale of star-cross love set in the early eighteenth century. . . His family slaughtered. Captured with his people and forced into slavery in the new world, Amun, the fearless son of the most powerful tribal chief in Egypt, Africa, is destined to lead his people out of slavery, and into freedom.Amun’s spirit is mystically tried and proven, yet constantly tested, for to survive and save those he love; he must surmount his difficulties and become more than just a man, he must become Immortal. But the greatest battle Amun must face is not with his enemies, but with himself; young and confused about his sexuality, in a dark age when homosexuality is punishable by death, and for slaves . . . the fate far worst. Survival is a battle fought to the bitter end.


My Review: 3/5 Stars

 I’m going to start off by saying that if you are one of those people who read gay romances and don’t want the girly bits in the story, this isn’t for you, because there are girly bits and male/female sex scenes. There is also a lot going on in this book, but it all ties together.

Annie Mae Patterson is meant to marry John Palmer so that she can save her family. But she isn’t in love with him and wants to be with her true love Edward. She is guilted into going through with her married to John by her mother. She will sacrifice her happiness for her family. Until she starts to dabble in dark magic. Before she is set off to marry intended, she has one more night with Edward and when her father finds out about it, things go from bad to worse. With a deal with the devil and a vow of vengeance Annie’s course is set after the death of Edward, brought on by the people she calls family.

Amun, son of Gahiji has come of age in his tribe to be tested as the next leader. He must bring back the head of the King of the jungle and the head of the King cobra. He only has ninety days to fulfill the task at hand. Tarik, son of Baniti is Amun’s best friend and is secretly in love with him and doesn’t want Amun to leave him. Upon Amun’s return he is supposed to marry Dalila and Tarik knows this. Out in the wilderness Amun needs to become one with himself and the earth so that he may receive his powers and the title of The Immortal Prince of Egypt. He doesn’t make it back to the tribe in time, the Elders believe him dead. Believing that Amun is dead, Tarik and Dalila finds comfort in each other. Moving on, they are shocked when Amun comes back. Amun is hurt, angered and feeling betrayed. Then he is banished from the tribe. The banishment sets him on the path his life is supposed to take.

William Beckford and William Courtney are secret lovers and if they are found out they will be killed. When the letters that they have been writing to each other is found William Courtney is sentences to death by his own Uncle, until he escapes to the arms of William Beckford. I honestly don’t know what their involvement in the story is though William Beckford’s home is mention at the end of the story.

Tarik goes to see Amun one night and they reveal their feelings to each other. While away the tribe is raided and people are left for dead or taken to be sold into slavery. Amun and Tarik’s only course of action is to be captured so that they free their people from the inside and to stop slavery everywhere.

From what I got from this Amun is going to be facing off with Annie because they will end up being in the same place. Annie is the evil and Amun is the savior.

I liked the story, but as I said earlier it was a lot going on in it. Jumping from one POV to the next. I do want to know what happens next though. So I will be waiting for the next book.

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J. S. Lewis is the Author of The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga and more than 13 books. His recent work includes, the highly anticipated series, Affairs of the Heart, released November 17, 2013, and rocketed to #9 on the bestsellers list in the Gay & Lesbian category on in just six days of its release, Teen Alchemist: The Bringers of the Dawn and I Knew She was Trouble are slated for release in 2014.

His breathtaking novel Jamaican American Thug Drama spawned four sequels; The Boy Kraigie Brought Home, The Return of the American Thug, That Very Crazy Thing We Call Love and Love, Sex & Blood, sending him riding bestsellers list in the Gay & Lesbian categories. His genres includes; Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Romance, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi fiction and Self-Help Motivation.

“I have come to the realization lately that though I enjoy touching people’s hearts when I write about love, I literally have no idea what am doing in real life when it comes onto it,” says Lewis, “I am fascinated by love so I mostly write about it. I can’t sing or dance or have any other special talents but I can write; I write about my adventures, misadventures, fantasies and semi-toxic relationships that are crazy, insane, intense, passionate, heartbreaking, gut wrenching and mind- blowing and memorable. I just write from the core of my beautiful soul. I enjoy contributing my skills and God given talent towards the positive growth and empowerment of the LGBT Community worldwide.”

Lewis’s novel Jamaican American Thug Drama is being considered for film adaptation



*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Book Blitz: Christmas With The White Brothers by L.V. Lewis


Christmas With The White Brothers (A Jungle Fever Novella)

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotic, Interracial


Keisha Beale has an ‘arrangement’ with one of the richest men in Chicago, who treats her like a queen, but she wants normalcy for the holidays. Well, as much normal as you can get from a man like Tristan White, who has everything and doesn’t think love is something he needs.
Jada Jameson’s dark past may be surprising to some considering the family she comes from. Nathan White wants her in every way a man wants a woman, but she needs hardcore kink, and the pace at which their relationship is progressing has left her wanting more.
Will the ladies of Kente Studio Records get everything they want from their first Christmas with the White brothers?



Tristan came prepared, of course. He had a big-assed gift bag for Mama, and even a present for the Reverend. I shook my head.

“What?” he says.

“You never do anything half-assed,” I say.

He smirks. “It’s like you like to say, ‘Go big or stay home.’”

Those are strange words coming from a man the cost of whose suit could feed all the homeless people in Chicago on Christmas Day. He reaches to ring the doorbell, but I touch his hand and stop him.

“Why do you go to such lengths with my mother? I’m your submissive. Nothing more.” I gesture toward his gifts. “All this is making her think this thing between us is more than it really is.”

He seems taken aback for a moment, but then he responds. “You’re wrong. You’re my business partner, and I hope, after almost a year, you would now consider me a friend.”

“With benefits,” I say morosely. “At this rate, you’re going to have to break up with both of us when you decide it’s time to move on.”

“Do you want me to beg off? I could get a call and leave.”

I don’t get to answer because Mama swings the door open. “Well, are you two going to stand out her yakking, or are you coming in?”

“Coming in.”

“Most definitely,” Tristan and I say almost simultaneously.

The first thing my Mama did on Christmas Day was embarrass the hell out of me. Two Christmases before I’d given her a digital camera and a miniature photo printer to take pictures of all the grandchildren my brothers had blessed her with. They’d all gotten a head start because I was what Mama called her pre-menopausal baby. I’d thought she’d gotten over the ‘shutter bug,’ but she proved me wrong.

While Tristan leans in and gives Mama a hug and presents her with his gift, Reverend Johnson gives me a hug. After all the greetings are done, and we’ve hung our coats on the coat tree, Mama grabs her camera off an end table.

“There’s mistletoe,” she says pointing at the ceiling above us.

“I’ve never been one to let a perfectly good cluster of mistletoe go to waste,” Tristan says and sweeps me into his arms and plants a back-bending, dramatic movie-style kiss on me.

“Awww,” Mama says and snaps, but the camera’s flash malfunctions. “One more, one more.”

“So sad, you missed your chance,” I say and begin to move away.

Mama’s not having it. “Come on, Keisha, be a sport now. Tristan, don’t let her get away.”

Of course, he does exactly what Mama says and pulls me back underneath the mistletoe. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s make this holiday memorable for your mother.” Tristan scoots in close, bends his knees, and holds me in a tight hug, cheek-to-cheek, and our faces angled toward Mama and her camera.

“Big smile,” Mama says. We smile on cue and she gets her money shot, but Tristan doesn’t let me go. He leans in and kisses me tenderly really laying it on thick for Mama.

“Awww,” she says again. “You remind us old geezers what it’s like to be young and in love.”

Tristan and I both stiffen, but I recover first and pat his back, as if I’m soothing him, because I’m sure those words have shocked the shit out of him. My eyes shoot daggers at Mama, but she just smiles and acts all aloof.



My Review: 4/5 Stars

Let me start off by saying I have not had the pleasure of reading this series, but after reading this book I might need to give it a try.

Keisha Beale has the man of her dreams, but the one thing she doesn’t have and wants dearly is his heart. Tristian White feels that the relationship he has with Keisha is fine the way it is and doesn’t think it needs to change.
Add the holidays into the mix and Keisha’s parents believe their relationship is something serious when she brings  him home for the holidays. Will Keisha get her Christmas wish and Tristian tells her that he loves her?

All Jada Jameson what’s for Christmas is a more in depth D/s relationship with her Dom Nathan White. Will the holiday cheer bring her what she needs or will it see her left out in the cold?

I really enjoyed this Christmas novella. It was well written and the words followed together and I liked how Keisha and Jada interacted with each other and showed each other the support they needed. I liked how they were when they were with their boyfriends. I wish the novella was longer, and went into more details during certain parts, but overall I would recommend it. I would also recommend reading the series from the beginning so you won’t be just as confused as I was when things were brought up that was obviously mentioned in other books.

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Author Bio:

L.V. Lewis is a new author who decided that stories like Fifty Shades of Grey needed a little more diversity and comedy in them. Lewis is married and lives in South Georgia. Lewis loves romances that involve interracial couples because L. V. envisions a world one day where it won’t matter to anyone else who you love (because despite the civil rights movement, and a biracial US President, we aren’t there yet).

LV and spouse are political junkies. One leans right, the other left. Thankfully, this has never caused any issues in their relationship. If Lewis told you which of them was the Democrat and which was the Republican, you just might be able to figure out which is Dominant and which is submissive.

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Private Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler


Private Pleasure

Genre: F/F/M, Historical, Romance, Erotic


A member of the Roman elite, Livia, shares a secret Sapphic relationship with her slave that’s threatened when her father forces her to marry a powerful senator. But after her new husband introduces her to the pleasures of sex with men, she finds her attraction torn. Is it the senator she wants in her bed, or her slave?

Sensuous Naomi has been a devoted slave and lover to Livia for many years, but she too, feels a desire for the senator that’s too powerful to stop. When he discovers their secret, he offers Naomi a choice – marry another slave, or live as a threesome. Naomi jumps at the chance to lie in the senator’s arms, even if only for one night.

Felix’s political ambition knows no bounds, nor his appetite for women. But when a critical mission results in his capture, it’s only getting back to his two lovers he desires, no matter what the diplomatic fallout. Little does he know the risks he’s taken in his bed and in the field have not gone unnoticed by the emperor, but will he be rewarded or reprimanded for his actions?

Warning: this is ancient history on the erotic romance side. This contains two women lusting after each other and a powerful man determined to have them both.



Naomi stood behind her, pulling a comb through her hair. She saw Naomi’s beaming smile in the reflection of the polished bronze mirror.

“You are beautiful, Domina,” Naomi said, pinning her hair.  “Senator Felix is a lucky man.”

Livia reached up and rested her hand on top of Naomi’s. “No. I am the lucky one.” Daughters were possessions. Fathers and husbands could dispose of them as they wished. She was marrying a good man, a man who understood the strong connection between a woman and her personal servant. Scarlet rose in Livia’s cheeks.

Senator Felix didn’t know just how deep their connection went.  At least, Livia prayed that he didn’t. Somehow they would continue their private pleasure. Livia couldn’t imagine a day without seeing Naomi’s sweet face, her bright smile. She warmed Livia’s cold days, and soothed her every sorrow and ache.

Father had warned her against forming a personal attachment with the slaves. He bought and sold them at will and at need. Slaves were just another tool to be used or discarded as necessary. Livia had heeded his advice in every regard except for Naomi. Their bond went beyond friendship, beyond sisterly affection. While such closeness was forbidden according to society’s expectations it did not change her feelings, did not diminish her love.

She knew she would never have these same feelings for the husband she would marry out of duty to her father.

Tears pooled in Naomi’s eyes. “All these years it has just been the two of us, Domina—”

“You are coming with me,” Livia said.

“Yes, but it will be different.”

“Hopefully not so different,” Livia said, and then forced a smile. Seeing Naomi so shook up unnerved her. Something was bothering her.

“What is wrong?” she asked, not wanting to see her Naomi frown.

“It is nothing, Domina. My apologies for not being cheerful on your wedding day.”

Livia tilted her head to the side, regarding her lover. “Something has been on your mind for several nundinaes. Now tell me.”

Naomi swallowed and opened her mouth, but no words came.

Livia waited. She knew Naomi could not resist an order from her Domina.

“It is Senator Felix,” Naomi said softly. “The way he looks at me…”

“I saw,” Livia said, keeping emotion out of her voice. She did not like how her soon to be husband looked at her lover.


My Review: 4.5/5 Stars

 Warning: There is a lot of sex. With that said, Shiloh hit the pages running again. This is the first book I have read that was f/f or f/f/m and I wasn’t disappointed.

Livia and her slave Naomi are secret lovers and they may have to stop seeing each other when Livia marries the man her father has picked out for her. Little does she know her husband is game for another woman to join their bed.

Felix is meant to be in power and he hopes to one day be emperor. He tells himself that past emperor’s have had concubines, so why can’t he? All he has to do is figure out a way to let his new wife know what he wants.

After a few days of sexual bliss Felix is called away to protect the emperor’s sister, but everything doesn’t go as planned and they are kidnapped. Will Felix make it back to the women he love or will he die serving his country?

The sex scenes were scorching off the page, whether it was just Livia and Naomi or all three of them. The only problem I had with the book was some terminology I suppose they used in the time period. Other than that, Private Pleasure was a good, if not interesting read.

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  Author’s Bio:

Shiloh Saddler is primarily a GLBT erotic romance author. Her favorite genres are M/M and F/F historical.

She likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds.

She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.

Role Reversal by Shiloh Saddler


 Role Reversal (His Dark Master #1)

Genre: M/M, Historical, Romance, Interracial


Before the War Between the States, Andrew had deep feelings for Robert, but he couldn’t express his desires to his young master. When the family fled Atlanta, he ran away to obtain his freedom. Ten years later, Andrew is not only free but the wealthy owner of several barbershops in New Orleans. Only one thing is lacking from his life: a long-term lover. When a customer tells him the whorehouse hired a new male prostitute he hopes visiting him could ease his loneliness. Only in his wildest dreams did he imagine the new whore to be Robert.

The war turned Robert’s life upside down. Without slaves to work his plantation, his father sold Robert to a brothel. Trained in the art of submission, Robert hates his life as a whore, but he doesn’t see a way out. Heartache hits him when he thinks about his past and happy memories of Andrew. The man deserted him when they were children, just like everyone he cared for had over the years.

When his former love interest reappears in his life can he get over the man’s betrayal and embrace the future?

Content Warning: This book contains historical style BDSM


My Review: 4/5 Stars

 Warning: There is a lot of sex. With that said, Shiloh hit the pages running. She wove a tale of sex and trust.

Andrew was a slave on Robert’s father’s plantation. After the war he found his chance at freedom and took it, leaving a younger Robert behind. Within the ten years that he has been gone, Andrew became a free, and successful business man. Now he wants some one to share his wealth with and call his own.

Robert’s fate was not as lucky. After the war his father sold him to a brothel because he didn’t want to take care of him. Robert wants to be free and to find someone to love and cherish him.

After ten years the two men paths crosses again. Andrew has it arranged for them to spend the weekend together. He wants to regain Robert’s trust so that when their weekend is up, Robert will want to stay. Andrew is a dominate to Roberts submission. Though Robert feels abandoned by Andrew when they were younger, it takes a great deal of trust for Robert to let Andrew do to him as he pleased.

I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to read more from Shiloh.

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Author’s Bio:

Shiloh Saddler is primarily a GLBT erotic romance author. Her favorite genres are M/M and F/F historical.

She likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds.

She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.