Release Day Launch: Music Ink & Love by Jude Ouvrard



Music Ink & Love (Ink Series #2)

Genre: M/F, NA Romance


Levi Munroe’s life consists of his friends Tyler and Kyle, a lot of ink and having a good time, but most importantly, his heart only has one reason to beat. Nix.

Phoenix Silverstone came into his life and put him through an emotional roller coaster. No one knows what they sign up for when they fall in love, and Levi is no exception. Dealing with his girlfriend’s negligent biological father, and her old demons returning to tempt her, Levi has way more on his plate than he bargained for. It can break them or make them stronger.

Both getting to know each other more, they fall deeper in love and are ready to take on the next step. With their wedding approaching, Levi wants what is best for her. A time apart turns out to be exactly what Nix needs but in Levi’s world, it means moping around missing the girl of his dreams.

More love, more ink, more Kyle and definitely a whole lot more of Levi. Can Nix and Levi survive the reality of their life together or will it break them apart?


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black and white portrait of a young casual man looking at the camera


Ink Series


Body Ink & Soul (Book #1)



Phoenix Silverstone more commonly known as Nix, is a twenty-one year old that has finally discovered her freedom. After living under the strict rules and protection of her mother, Nix moved out with her two best friends in a quaint little Seattle apartment. For the first time Nix is finally able to spread her wings and breathe. Together, they get a job working at a bar and for the first time everything is perfect.

Freedom, friendships, a great job and fantastic man on the verge of becoming hers. Tristan is the suave, intelligent, not to mention gorgeous law student that Nix has her eyes and heart set on. For the first time, she has her life together; that is, until her path crosses with Levi. The charming, tattooed and downright sexy bad boy that Nix knows she needs to avoid.

But when one of her friends moves out she is shocked to find that her new roommate is none other than Levi. Flirting. Desire. Undeniable temptations. Nix can’t deny the chemistry surging between them but she can’t forget her mother’s extreme hate towards bad boys.

Will Nix have the strength to listen to her heart? Or will her mother’s rules cost her everything?



Author Bio:

Jude Ouvrard is an author who writes from the heart, and reads with passion and devotion. Jude enjoys stories of drama, true love, tattoos, and everything in between. While writing is her therapy, reading is her solace. Life doesn’t get better than books and chocolate, and maybe a little bit of shopping.

A romance lover, Jude writes about love, pain, heartbreak and matters that will challenge your heart. A book can tell an unexpected story, no matter which directions it takes. Jude embraces words that have haunted her for years.

Jude is a working mom who dedicates her time to a law firm and writing books. She has an energetic five-year old superhero son, and a supportive boyfriend of thirteen years. Her family is her rock; she could not survive without them. Born a country girl, she transformed into a city woman who now lives in Montreal, Canada. Although French is her first language, Jude decided to write in English because she liked the challenge.

Jude Ouvrard is the author of two novellas, “Under the Sun” and “Wonderland”, and three novels, “Lost Dreams”, “Body, Ink, and Soul,” and “Ophelia.” She is currently working on sequels to her novels and a new project.


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Release Day Launch: Barbara’s Plea by Stacy Eaton


Barbara's Plea Final _2_Kindle no dash

Barbara’s Plea

Genre: M/F, Suspense, Romance


Barbara lives in constant fear of her husband. She finally summons the courage to leave with their young daughter, Allie, but dreads the moment her husband learns of their escape. In his desire to control them and bend them to his will, he will leave no stone unturned to punish them–especially Barbara.

Grey’s future seems bleak, especially the day he is fired, but everything begins to turn around the moment he absently sinks down on a bench occupied by wealthy Gloria Withers. Gloria sees something in him that no one else bothers to notice and, within moments, a friendship is sparked that will withstand many trials.

When Barbara makes good her escape and arrives on the doorstep of her grandmother, Gloria, whom she hasn’t seen for years, Barbara is greeted instead by Grey. It doesn’t take long for a different kind of spark to fly as Barbara takes up residence in the Withers mansion.

When Grey falls inexorably in love with not only Barbara, but also her daughter Allie, he vows to do everything he can to protect them from her husband who is out for revenge.


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Allie had watched him walk out of sight, and I could only wonder what was going on inside her little brain as she did. I knew that in my mind, I was seeing the most wonderful man I had ever met stride proudly away. He wasn’t leaving us; he was just going to do his job—and I couldn’t wait to see him again later that night. I took an extra few minutes to make sure I was dressed nicely, although I only had on slacks and a blouse. Grey didn’t appear to be the type of guy to get turned on by expensive clothes, and I loved that about him.

There were many things that I liked about him, from the way the sun lightened his hair to the way his eyes sparkled as he looked at me with a smile.

I knew we were far from a point where either of us could state we had feelings for one another, but part of me wanted to believe in the romantic fairy tale of love at first sight—the night he had held Allie over the sink and grinned as she made a mess.

That night I saw a man I could love, a man who could not only love me, but my daughter as well. My rational mind knew it was way too early to even consider such things. After the relationship from hell that I had been in, and was still trying to legally get out of, you would think I would run for the hills to avoid any attachment, yet I longed for a loving family—something that I had been denied.

I wanted a man I could adore, and one that desired me for who I was, not how I could please him. I wanted a father for Allie, someone she could look up to so she could experience that not all men are as horrible as her father. I wanted a friend with whom I could share my life, the ups and downs and twists and turns that life threw at you. I wanted to be loved like a woman, not be a possession to be controlled.

My head told me over and over it was too soon to even consider filling that position, but my heart told me to take the vacancy sign down because the spot had already been filled. How was that possible? I stared at myself in the mirror a moment longer. I had my whole life to fall in love and have a happy family. I would take it one day at a time.

I skipped down the stairs and had just reached the bottom step when the doorbell rang. I pulled the door open wide, and my heart dropped into my stomach as I was ripped off of cloud nine.

“Well, if it isn’t my dear, sweet wife,” Todd smirked. “Don’t you look lovely—and alive.”




Author Bio:

Stacy has been a full-time police officer since 2000. Her current assignment is as Detective of her small town department.  She enjoys crime scene investigation; taking a passion in putting the pieces together to figure out the crime. She is also a business owner where she helps people get the awareness out for the causes they care most about. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center. She is a mother of two, a son proudly serving in the United States Navy and a tween daughter who is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves cheerleading. Her husband is also in law enforcement. She loves music and photography. Stacy has published 9 novels to date, with several more coming out in 2015.

Website • Amazon • Goodreads • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest

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Release Day Blitz: Sweetness, He Said by Jude Starr



Sweetness, He Said

Genre: M/F, Erotica


When the people you love betray and humiliate you, how do you learn to trust again?

Fleeing this very heartache, Iris leaves her Florida home to attend Columbia University. While she makes friends, works, and enjoys her classes, Iris is not in a rush to fall in love; that is, until a certain sexy someone finds her. Suddenly, Iris’ boring holiday takes a sizzling turn. But will the heat of passion lead to a holiday fling, or finally melt her frozen heart

Dealing with a tainted past, Calvin makes building his company his priority. He’s busy enjoying the single life until a blonde skater girl becomes the focus of his attention

Can Iris help her man let go of his past guilt and show him how to love unconditionally?


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Amazon • Amazon CA



I put on a red mini skirt with a black top which flattered me in all the right places and paired the clothing with knee-length black leather boots. The weather here had been one of the hardest things to adjust to. December brought cold weather and my thin jacket clearly didn’t do enough to keep me warm anymore. With my next paycheck, a winter jacket was going to be a priority. If only I made more money, it would make my life a lot easier. Christmas was coming and I was going to stay at the dorm alone, with no money available to afford the trip home. It sucked, my parents were angry at first when I told them I wouldn’t be coming, but they’d eventually come to terms with my decision.

“Sugar!” Zach entered my room, he stared at me, practically drooling.

“Hey lucky.” I blushed. “I’m ready.”

He stepped closer, his blue eyes filling with desire.

“I’ve change my mind. What about staying here for the night?”

I knew what he was suggesting, but there was no way I would cancel my night out. It represented my only Christmas celebration. The only fun I expected to have until the beginning of January when he would return to the residence. “I want what you want, lucky, but we have to go out. I want to have some fun. A crazy fun-filled night is ahead of us.”

He took me prisoner in his arms and his lips found mine. God! Tingles overwhelmed my body. I had to stop him, now, while I could still think.

“Zach, stop, not now, okay?” He looked down at me, lust plastering his eyes. “I feel it too. Whatever this is that we have… but Krystal is waiting, and I really need a drink.” Lame excuses, Iris.

“Later, then.” He kissed me one last time, making me regret stopping him in the first place. All part of a game I was meant to lose.

Krystal waited at the end of the hall, all dolled up and looking sexy. She had no partner for tonight. She was on her own, living the good life, she said.

“If the party sucks, I know a place where we could have a good time.” Krystal had some connections here in New York. Her cousin was into the nightlife scene in a big way and always kept Krystal on speed dial if an opportunity presented itself.

“Will your cousin be there?” Zach asked, inevitably, because he liked her. At the time, he hadn’t specified how much he liked her, but I knew he thought she was hot.

I rolled my eyes at him. “I’m hungry, I forgot to grab something to eat before leaving. I was distracted.”

“Do you want to stop by work before we go out, then we can use our discount,” Krystal proposed, since we were both short on money.

“Okay, let’s go.” I didn’t think Zach’s love of fast food would ever die. Walking with heels on a cold night, and with a short skirt, soon proved to be a bad idea. I missed both my sneakers and my skateboard.

The warmth of the restaurant was welcome and the smell had me convinced I was starving. My coworkers eyed Krystal and I as if we had just arrived from a different planet. “Hey guys.” Krys broke the silence. “We’ll have three number ones with Diet Coke.” With our discount, it came down to almost nothing cost wise.

We sat at a table by the front window and ate in silence. My brain couldn’t process anything other than eating. I was famished and half way through my meal when Zach spoke. “Come on, girls. I don’t want to get there after everyone is already wasted.” I took a last sip of my Diet Coke before throwing it into the garbage disposal. With a full stomach, I was ready to party the night away. We entered the house where the party was taking place. There was people everywhere. The house was crowded to the point that I feared for our safety. What if something happened?

Zach grabbed three beers from the counter and offered us one. We stood face-to-face unable to move in the sea of people. The night wasn’t turning out as I had imagined. No dance area, no place to sit, just a big mass of people drinking and sweating. After five minutes, I wanted to leave. The parties in Florida were a lot more fun to be honest, and I’d expected the opposite.

“What about we finish our beer and get the hell out of here?” Zach proposed.

“Good idea. I got our names on the guest list for the grand opening of the Whiskey Bar & Lounge at the Health and Fitness Tower.”

“Is there a place to dance?” I asked.

“Probably.” Krystal didn’t seem certain but I was willing to take the risk. It couldn’t be as bad as this party.

“I heard this place is huge, different sections and all.”

I drank the remainder of my beer and hurried outside, needing some fresh air. The brisk wind hit me head on. God, how I missed home and the warm weather.

We got into a taxi, warming up before attending what seemed like the ultimate event. A valet was waiting for the cars as they arrived. Although we had arrived in a taxi, the valet opened the door for us and let us out taking Krystal’s and then my hand to steady us as we stepped out. We were escorted by a tall man at the entrance and Krys was telling him about the invitation we’d received. He confirmed all three of us were on the guest list. Our jackets were taken to the cloak room and we were offered a small glass of whiskey. It tasted like no other whiskey I had ever tried before. So much flavour and I felt the warm liquid trickle all the way to my stomach. If I could afford it, I would have bought a second one, but I doubted I could afford the price.

“Now, we’re talking.” Zach licked his lips, confirming he loved it, too. “I think I’m going to like this place. It’s cozy, and it has class.” He glanced around the bar, looking satisfied with our decision to come.

“Only you could afford it.” I chuckled. “Working in a fast food restaurant doesn’t exactly give us that possibility.”

Zach had no issues, financially. His father was one of the busiest real estate agents in New Jersey. Once every two or three months, Zach had to give his father a hand with all the paperwork, but otherwise, he didn’t need to work to afford the dorm experience. It never made sense to me, why he was living in the dorms if he could stay in the family residence. He said when I questioned him that he didn’t like to live alone.

“Iris, isn’t it?” A voice spoke from behind me. It didn’t sound familiar. Before spinning around, I noticed Krystal’s jaw dropping to the floor and her eyes were round like a couple of lollipops.

Oh my God. It’s him. The guy who flirted with me, at work. “Hi.” I barely manage to get a word out, I’m so stunned.

“Here, I got you another one of those.” He smiled and his charm hits me, making every inch of my skin shiver. I took the glass of whiskey from his outstretched hand and when our fingers touched, something strange happened. My eyes met his and… and… what was that? Something happened in my chest, as if my heart had stopped beating for an instant.

“Thank you.” I flushed.

“You and your friends can have anything you want. It’s on me.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t accept that.”

“You certainly will. Julia here, will make sure you guys have everything you need.”

His generosity left me speechless, but it wasn’t in my nature to accept anything that was handed to me with no good reason. Even more so, when it came from a complete stranger. “Why?”

He stared at me as if I was missing something important. “Because I own this place, and I want to make sure you’re having a good time.”

“Thank you.” Krystal accepted his offer for us and I mentally beheaded her.

He startled me when he placed his hand on my forearm, I was still deeply focused, hating on Krys. He clutched my forearm for a second with his fingers and then left. What was that all about? I didn’t know his name, or the reason behind his attention. I had only met him for the first time today and nothing had happened between us, other than him flirting a little. At the time, I thought it was innocent, but doubt was starting to make me rethink the whole situation.

“I think he wants something from you.” Zach said, sounding unhappy.

Krystal chuckled. “Clearly. His name is Calvin Banks. He owns this, the gym upstairs and most of the building, if not all. He is big into health, sport and everything in between. He used to play football professionally. I knew I’d seen him somewhere before.”

“Okay, so? Why are you telling me all this now?” I asked nervously.

“I hadn’t figured it out this afternoon. Now, though, he’s making it obvious – he wants you in his bed.”

Zach tensed beside me. “He’s too old for you.”

“I don’t think he’s even thirty yet,” Krys announced, giving Zach one more reason to worry.

I had no idea who he was. I only knew his name because Krys had told me. He didn’t even have the decency to properly introduce himself, when he decided to offer me a drink. Calvin obviously had money, that much was clear, but he didn’t interest me.


Author Bio:


Jude Starr is a pseudonym for an Amazon Bestselling Author of five previous books. This is her debut erotica novel.

Jude Starr is an author who writes from the heart, and reads with passion and devotion.  Jude enjoys stories of drama, true love, tattoos, and everything in between. While writing is her therapy, reading is her solace. Life doesn’t get better than books and chocolate, and maybe a little bit of shopping.

A romance lover, Jude writes about love, pain, heartbreak and matters that will challenge your heart. A book can tell an unexpected story, no matter which directions it takes. Jude embraces words that have haunted her for years.

Jude is a working mom who dedicates her time to a law firm and writing books. She has an energetic five-year old superhero son, and a supportive boyfriend of thirteen years. Her family is her rock; she could not survive without them. Born a country girl, she transformed into a city woman who now lives in Montreal, Canada. Although French is her first language, Jude decided to write in English because she liked the challenge.

Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads

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Book Blitz: White Swans by Annamaria Bazzi

blogcover (1)

White-Swans-FINAL-Amzn-1 (1)

White Swans

Genre: M/F, Historical Fiction


Kendíka’s second chance at life begins as a nightmare.

Will the eerie eyes always looking down from the sky reveal themselves?

Kendíka challenges the aliens no one has ever seen to bring about a better life for the humans trapped in the surreal Regency world she wakes up in.

While getting to know her alien owner, she discovers the aliens aren’t so perfect and have much to learn about humans.

Will Kendíka survive or perish, attempting to make life better for the people living on Regency?



Startled by the lack of movement, Kendíka sat up in bed, scanning the shadows in the moonlit room. Perspiration beaded her forehead while her heart pounded against her ribs. The last thing she remembered was sitting in the limousine next to Mr. Vetrano, arguing about her future. He insisted the will mandated her future, not him. Did the pill knock her out? How dare he drug me!

She blinked and, holding her breath, glanced around the unfamiliar room. When her lungs screamed for air, she exhaled then took another deep inhale. What the hell? What happened to the limousine?

Butterflies unsettled her stomach. Her back stiffened. Her heart drummed. Oh, my God! When did I get out of the car or come to this room? Why would Mr. Vetrano bring me to such a freaky place? Fear and the thought of her parents’ death brought fresh tears to her eyes.

She slid out of bed and shuffled her bare feet along the stone floor, hands held out to make sure she didn’t bump into anything hidden by the shadows.

At the opposite end of the room, she could make out a dark blob, which she hoped might be the door. Somewhere along the wall near it, she would find a light switch.

Buy Links:
Amazon US • Amazon CA • Amazon AU • Amazon UK


Author Bio:

Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the States, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish.

Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.

Blog • Website • Goodreads • Facebook • Twitter

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Blog Tour: Broken Window by Dorothy Hayes


Broken high res for print 45_apl

Broken Window

Genre: Fictional Mystery


The New York City subway was dangerous, the parents told the three Wilton High School graduates, but the girls weren’t taking no for an answer. Kelly Singleton, soon to be an NYU freshman, and her two friends board the hazardous subway train. Several stops later, her two friends get off, but Kelly is nowhere to be found. It is the torrid August of 1984, and crime is at an all-time high. Kelly’s desperate parents turn to reporter Carol Rossi and police detective Jerry Stevenson to find their missing daughter.



Two special excerpts for you to enjoy.
The subway was dangerous.
But the three girls wouldn’t take no for an answer. Kelly Singleton was moving from her Connecticut home into her NYU dorm, and the subway was part of her new life, she told her concerned parents.

Jamie Ryan and Christina Moore were her two best friends and would be visiting Kelly whenever they could. They insisted that they needed to learn how to navigate mass transportation.

For all three of them, riding the subway was a rite of passage. That was their final plea.

The old, rusted trains they were so anxious to ride broke down regularly, leaving passengers to wait, sometimes forty minutes and longer, in dangerous circumstances, their parents argued. The Daily News and The New York Times frequently reported gang violence on the trains, which in the last ten years had become the symbol of the city’s rising crime rate.

Gangs, boldly wearing identifying colors, often openly roamed the cars, intimidating passengers, bullying them to hand over their pocket money with no fear of recrimination, as if they owned the trains. Gang-tagged graffiti covered every inch of the filthy trains, including the windows.

It was August 1984 and a crisis situation for New York City, with two thousand homicides expected yearly.


However, the girls argued that millions rode the subway every day, and crimes usually occurred in the early morning hours. The girls would travel during morning rush hour, and to keep everybody from worrying, they would return home during rush hour in broad daylight.

Jack Singleton, a New York City attorney and managing partner of the firm, didn’t take well to losing the subway debate; he was only too familiar with the city’s crime rate and the subway system. So the Singletons were the last of the parents to acquiesce and Jack only after some arm-twisting from his wife Nina. He wasn’t too happy about his daughter attending NYU in the first place.

He’d be relieved when the three girls got this trip out of their systems, saw the dangers of the trains and got back home.

Buy Links:

Author Bio:

Dorothy Hayes, a staff writer for local Connecticut newspapers for five years, received and honorary award for her in-depth series on Vietnam Veterans from the Society of Professional Journalists. Prior to that she was a Language Arts teacher. A staff writer for a national animal protection organization, for six years, she wrote Animal Instinct, 2006. Dorothy lives in Stamford, CT with her husband, Arthur. She also raised four children, and is the mother-in-law to three, grandmother to fourteen, and is GN to Bella. She writes for WomenofMystery.Net, CriminalElement.Com, and is a member of Sisters-in-Crime-Tri-State Chapter, and Mystery Writers of American.

Facebook • Women of Mystery • Website • Goodreads • Pinterest


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Blog Tours: Playing for Keeps by Michele Shriver


PFK cover

Playing for Keeps (Men of the Ice #1)

Genre: M/F, Contemporary Romance


Colton Tremblay won a Stanley Cup with his hometown Montreal Canadiens, but his bad-boy reputation earned him a ticket out of town, traded to the expansion San Antonio Generals. This French-Canadian has no idea what to expect from the land of tacos and Mariachi bands, but he quickly learns that Texas is full of beautiful women, and the one who catches his eye first is no puck bunny.

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Maya Dominguez has worked hard for everything. Now she’s landed her dream job as a beat reporter for San Antonio’s new NHL franchise. As a female reporter in a male-dominated business, Maya knows she has to be at the top of her game. She can’t afford any distractions, especially not from the players she’s assigned to report on.

When Colton asks Maya to help him get to know his new city, she’s determined to keep things strictly business, but Colton is used to getting what he wants. Can he persuade Maya that this time, he is playing for keeps, and if he does, what does it mean for her job?



“I beg your pardon?” Maya wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. Okay, check that. She’d heard correctly, she just had a hard time believing what she’d heard. Did this guy know anything about boundaries? It didn’t seem like it. One thing was certain—life around Colton Tremblay wasn’t dull.

“I’d like you to accompany me on my visit to the Alamo,” Colton said.

“You mean as a tour guide?” Maya asked. That had to be it, right?

“Sure,” Colton said, “if that’s what you want to call it.” Mischied flickered in his eyes and it was hard to ignore just how sexy those eyes were. “Or we can call it a date.”

A date. Exactly what Maya was afraid of, yet wanted at the same time. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“No.” Colton shook his head. “In fact, I’m pretty sure that it’s not. At the moment, though, I don’t care. You intrigue me. I want to know you better. And I think I’d be lost by myself. You have been to Alamo before, right?”

He won points for his honesty and for recognizing they were flirting with trouble. If Maya were to be completely frank with herself, she didn’t care either. As cocky and infuriating as Colton could be, there was also a sincerity to his words. And he wasn’t any dumb jock, either. The idea of spending more time with him very much appealed to Maya. “I was born and raised here,” she said. “I’ve been to the Alamo many times.”

“Then you’ll make an excellent tour guide,” Colton said. “And an even better date, should you choose to call it that.” His smile was disarming, but carried a hint of humility too.

“I have to work,” Maya said, though the protest was weak.

“Doing what?” Colton challenged. “You must have some downtime tomorrow too, since you’ll be working the game?”

So much for that. “Yes, I suppose I do.”

“Come on, what do you say?” There was that smile again. “Help a Quebecois out?”

When he put it like that, complete with the subtle accent that Maya found so appealing, it became damn near impossible to say no. Especially since she didn’t really want to. “Well, I would hate for you to be lost, not knowing where to go…”

“I would be,” Colton said. “Like a fish out of water.” The familiar twinkle flashed in his eyes again. “We can’t have that, can we?”

“No.” Maya finally relented. “We can’t. I wouldn’t be a very good San Antonian if I left you alone to wander cluelessly around the Alamo. I’ll be your tour guide.”

“Or my date?” Colton challenged.

“Don’t push your luck.”

Buy Links:
Amazon • Kobo • iTunes • B&N

Author Bio:

Michele Shriver writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.

Facebook • Street Team (Facebook) • Twitter • Website

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Release Day Launch: Playing with Fire by Paisley Walker

blog cover1

Playing with Fire Ebook

Playing with Fire

Genre: M/F, Erotica Romance


My name is Laken Thompson, and I have come up with an idea that is too good to surpass.  Being a twenty five year old that just graduated college and has accrued an insane amount of debt it’s the best thing I can think of.  I am auctioning off the most precious thing I have.  My virginity.  What I wasn’t planning on was the man that changed everything.  Asher Braxton, the epitome of stunning.  The man that has everything, except for me.  I’ve run for months from the devilishly handsome man stalking me like some prey.  Just when I thought I evaded his advances his voice is the one I hear to make a bid.  On shaky legs I pray that someone will outbid him, but the thought in my head is… I’m playing with fire and this time I hope I don’t get burned.


My Review: 3.5/5 Stars

Laken Thompson wants to finish college and get her degree. She has no time for relationships and is only looking for her Prince Charming.

Asher Braxton is a man used to getting what he wants, but is baffled and intrigued when Laken doesn’t want him.

After two years of Asher going after Laken, he finally gets her, but at what cost?

Playing with Fire was a good read. It grabs your attention and made you want to read more. I had trouble liking Laken though. To me she needed a really bad attitude adjustment. There is a difference between putting out there that you’re not interested and being a bitch about it.

And the ending OMG, everybody laid blame where it should not have been, and when you jump in front of a moving bullet, you should not blame the person you jump in front of said bullet for. They didn’t ask you to do it. I may sound like an ass for saying that, but at the same time its true.

Now to the good parts, the chemistry between Asher and Laken was awesome and I was a little sad it took them so long to be together. The friendship between Laken and Blakely have a great friendship. The characters are likeable, even Laken (when she isn’t arguing with Asher).

Good Read.

Buy Links:
B&N • Amazon US • Amazon UK

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*** An ARC copy was given to me for a honest review.