Blog Tour: Recluse by Jaycee Ford

(Spider Series #1)

Genre: M/F, Mystery. Romance


You were my brother in the line of duty.

My partner.

My best friend.

You were the man who had it all.

Your thoroughness and precision made you a great cop.

It’s what got you killed.

And now I live with the darkening shadows of your memory.

You weren’t here when I needed you to save me.

You weren’t here when I needed help solving the most gruesome murder this town had ever seen.

But most of all, you weren’t here to keep me from falling in love with your wife.

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I walked into the kitchen to find Grace at the stove, wearing nothing but extremely short shorts and a tank top. Her eyes were fixated on me; although, it wasn’t exactly my face drawing her attention. I looked down and realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt and my pants were still unbuckled. I hung my thumbs from my belt loops, but this caused my pants to sag a little more. I might have let things become extremely uncomfortable in the best way possible, but the smell of burning distracted me.

“I think the eggs are done, Gracie.” I told her.

“Huh?” She didn’t turn away.

“The eggs, Gracie. The eggs.”

“Oh!” Laughing, she lifted the pan and scraped them into a plate. “Sorry. I’m still pretty tired.”

“Uh huh,” I whispered as I walked to her and reached for the plate of eggs.

She cleared her throat and followed me to the table with a plate of stacked bacon. “Sorry, it got so hot last night. I forgot to turn the heat down before I went to sleep.”

“I don’t mind.” I cocked my eyebrow and checked her out, not trying to be discreet. I reached for the mug of coffee sitting next to an empty plate. “Do you mind?”


I took a sip and continued staring at her. This was way too much fun.

“Well, it’s still a little hot.”

I could have taken her comment in so many directions, but I decided to take it easy on the first day of active pursuit.


About Jaycee Ford:

Bestselling author Jaycee Ford grew up chasing street cars around the city of New Orleans. After doing a four year stint at Louisiana State University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and fled for the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Orleans beckoned her home again where she put her love of the foothills into a series of romance novels. In between writing, she’s found behind her desk at a top rated law firm … or still chasing street cars.

Connect with Jaycee:

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Blog Tour: Broken Window by Dorothy Hayes


Broken high res for print 45_apl

Broken Window

Genre: Fictional Mystery


The New York City subway was dangerous, the parents told the three Wilton High School graduates, but the girls weren’t taking no for an answer. Kelly Singleton, soon to be an NYU freshman, and her two friends board the hazardous subway train. Several stops later, her two friends get off, but Kelly is nowhere to be found. It is the torrid August of 1984, and crime is at an all-time high. Kelly’s desperate parents turn to reporter Carol Rossi and police detective Jerry Stevenson to find their missing daughter.



Two special excerpts for you to enjoy.
The subway was dangerous.
But the three girls wouldn’t take no for an answer. Kelly Singleton was moving from her Connecticut home into her NYU dorm, and the subway was part of her new life, she told her concerned parents.

Jamie Ryan and Christina Moore were her two best friends and would be visiting Kelly whenever they could. They insisted that they needed to learn how to navigate mass transportation.

For all three of them, riding the subway was a rite of passage. That was their final plea.

The old, rusted trains they were so anxious to ride broke down regularly, leaving passengers to wait, sometimes forty minutes and longer, in dangerous circumstances, their parents argued. The Daily News and The New York Times frequently reported gang violence on the trains, which in the last ten years had become the symbol of the city’s rising crime rate.

Gangs, boldly wearing identifying colors, often openly roamed the cars, intimidating passengers, bullying them to hand over their pocket money with no fear of recrimination, as if they owned the trains. Gang-tagged graffiti covered every inch of the filthy trains, including the windows.

It was August 1984 and a crisis situation for New York City, with two thousand homicides expected yearly.


However, the girls argued that millions rode the subway every day, and crimes usually occurred in the early morning hours. The girls would travel during morning rush hour, and to keep everybody from worrying, they would return home during rush hour in broad daylight.

Jack Singleton, a New York City attorney and managing partner of the firm, didn’t take well to losing the subway debate; he was only too familiar with the city’s crime rate and the subway system. So the Singletons were the last of the parents to acquiesce and Jack only after some arm-twisting from his wife Nina. He wasn’t too happy about his daughter attending NYU in the first place.

He’d be relieved when the three girls got this trip out of their systems, saw the dangers of the trains and got back home.

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Author Bio:

Dorothy Hayes, a staff writer for local Connecticut newspapers for five years, received and honorary award for her in-depth series on Vietnam Veterans from the Society of Professional Journalists. Prior to that she was a Language Arts teacher. A staff writer for a national animal protection organization, for six years, she wrote Animal Instinct, 2006. Dorothy lives in Stamford, CT with her husband, Arthur. She also raised four children, and is the mother-in-law to three, grandmother to fourteen, and is GN to Bella. She writes for WomenofMystery.Net, CriminalElement.Com, and is a member of Sisters-in-Crime-Tri-State Chapter, and Mystery Writers of American.

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Book Blitz: Mountain of Love and Danger by Gail Pallotta

Mountain of Love & Danger - Blitz Banner

Mountain of Love - Book Cover

Mountain of Love and Danger (Fairwilde Fairy Tale Reflections)

Genre: M/F, Mystery, Romance


Jack Greenthumb finds romance in Fairwilde Kingdom—a different day—a different girl. Then a cruel mystery begins. Dad’s beaten, the family farm destroyed and Jack’s true love, Gwendolyn Bante, kidnapped. Jack’s undercover operation reveals Gwenie’s a captive atop a mountain accessible only by helicopter. Reaching her is a dangerous expedition even for a champion rock climber like Jack. However, a Greenthumb Acres employee plants a miraculous seed from Heaven for the rescue. Suspense mounts as Jack scales the perilous cliff to face a brute and a treacherous descent in this retelling of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.



Lonely darkness fell around Jack as he slipped into his harness and put on his climbing shoes. He crept in and out of the moon’s shadows to the base of the alp and took hold of the strong plant, the itchy touch of it not a problem, the strength of it boosting his confidence. Fueled by the fire burning in his heart to find Gwenie, he stepped on the first node and glanced back. Just one quick look. He didn’t know why. Maybe something in his psyche wanted to see the ground from whence he’d come one last time in case he never set foot on it again.

He climbed up the next nodule and the next as fast as his feet and arms would take him. A sense of leaving the everyday world overwhelmed him as it always did when he climbed, but this time it wasn’t freeing. An eerie sensation sent shivers through his bones with every foot he scaled. The breaking of twigs, crunching of leaves, and howling noises below grew fainter and fainter as he ascended higher and higher.

“Whooo-whoo.” Halfway up he met an owl that turned its head in a circle as it sat on the highest limb of a towering oak. He pulled upward while pushing with his lower body as he passed boulders and scraggly bushes lit by the stars and moon. He searched with his right hand for the next node, found it, moved up and placed his foot on the spot where it had been. The jagged surface on this mountain could rip open a person in an instant, but it was Jack’s fear for Gwenie that gripped him. The yearning to hold her safe in his arms seeped deeper into his pores each time he forged upward.

His body ached as he pulled with nerves wound as tight as a corkscrew for wanting to hurry to the top. Soon his leg muscles cramped. A gray piece of granite jutting out like the seat of a chair with a slab for a back tempted him. How could he rest after what he’d done to Gwenie? He had to keep moving, but what if his arms and legs gave out, and he never reached her? His head throbbed with decision making.

Just for a second he let go of the living pole. His foot slipped, and he slid down the precipice, debris rolling, crashing beneath him until the belay caught the rope and stopped his fall. His head swam as he thrust the spring-loaded camming device into a crack and anchored the cable. He swung to his right and sank to the rocky seat. The stones settled below him and silence filled the darkness where he sat tucked out of the light from Heaven.

Two days ago he was a slap-happy player in love with Gwenie since childhood, but content to drink life’s single pleasures a while longer. Now the need to take hold of a more profound passion that seemed as fragile as one of Dad’s orchids burned in his soul. The breeze whipping around him blew away images of fast rides through Fairwilde with a blond or a brunette laughing beside him. He needed Gwenie. Please Lord, let her be alright waiting for me.

He stretched out his legs then rubbed his palms together. Upward.

He swung out, grabbed hold of the beanstalk, pulled up with his hand and pushed with his foot as a blast of strong wind swayed the sturdy stem. The stars grew dim then disappeared as clouds rolled over them. Raindrops hit his head while lightning flashed, lighting up the sky—nothing but dark space as far as he could see. Then the flash.

He pulled up with his hand and pushed with his right foot—pulled up with his hand and pushed with his right foot again and again through the black void cut by occasional lightning. The tiny glow from the lamp on his helmet did little good in this storm. Another burst of air whipped around him, and the plant quivered. He touched a flat spot. The one Fernando told him to look for? He moved his fingers around it.

Yes. Relief as strong as the gust that bent the trees swept over him. The top. He wanted to shout I’m here Gwenie! into the stormy night over and over, but instead he leaned forward trying to see a way into the cabin.

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Mountain of Love - GA Finalist Badge 2013


Author Bio:


Award-winning author Gail Pallotta’s a wife, Mom, swimmer and bargain shopper who loves God, beach sunsets and getting together with friends and family. A former regional writer of the year for American Christian Writers Association, she won Clash of the Titles in 2010. Her teen book, Stopped Cold, finished fourth in the 16th Annual Preditors and Editors readers’ poll and was a finalist for the 2013 Grace Awards. She’s published short stories in “Splickety” magazine and Sweet Freedom with a Slice of Peach Cobbler. Some of her published articles appear in anthologies while two are in museums. Visit her web site at .

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